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The final post of Anime QandA and some links to where to find me going forward.

If you weren’t already aware from my previous post (see link here) Anime QandA is over, but I’m far from being done with blogging about anime! As of yesterday (from the writing of this post) my new blog has gone live! It’s a lot more low-key and casual than this one was and is more for myself than anyone else, it’s called Anime Positive and it’s basically going to function as an outlet for me to talk about the anime I love without having to interact too much with the negative influences that made blogging a chore in the past.

I’m only writing this post for the benefit of the couple of people who may want to follow my new site but haven’t keep up with my twitter enough to see my links to the new content. This is 100% the last time I’ll be posting on Anime QandA, and even though I said this in the previous post I’ll say it again, thanks to the people who supported me throughout my journey and if you choose to follow me on the new site that’s cool and if you don’t no hard feelings either.

Anime Positive blog

Anime Positive Twitter

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