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Week 11 of Summer 2019 Anime In Review

All the new anime episodes I watched in Week 11 of Summer 2019 ranked and reviewed!


It’s Week 11 of Summer 2019 and a lot of shows are having their penultimate episode! Here’s what I thought of the new episodes from this week with reviews and scores for each.

If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat The Demon Lord – Episode 11

80/100 (DOWN 1 point from previous episode)

It’s adorable!

Nothing especially remarkable about this episode but nothing egregiously bad either, just more of what we’ve come to expect from this show, also Latina in a Yukata also… there’s an ending that hints at a possible time-jump further in the narrative. It’s a bit of a long shot all things considered but it’d certainly be interesting if they did it.

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love At The Bound Of This World – Episode 23

82/100 (DOWN 3 points from previous episode)

Takuya is a lucky guy. Well you know, aside from all the tragedy.

For a show that spent so much time building to the point it had been, the arrival of the endgame comes quickly which puts the pacing at odds with the narrative. Its by no means a disaster, as this episode has its fair share of character development and wholly interesting moments (plus our protagonist manages to have sex with another girl–which makes it like 5 for the series so far–no mean feat and kind of refreshing for usually chaste visual novel adaptations) it’s just a shame things weren’t measured out a bit more evenly in regards to the narrative flow.

Demon Lord, Retry! – Episode 11

82/100 (UP 3 points from previous episode)

Oh Yukikaze, you minx!

I kind of low-key love the fact that we’re at the penultimate episode and so far the only true overarching antagonist this show has is other people’s misconceptions of our Demon Lord protagonist and his true intentions (which are relatively benign and in some ways even admirable). Not a lot happens in this episode, but it’s still a good time all the same–plus the fact that nearly half the episode is spent with Yukikaze means its a winner in my books!

Are You Lost? – Episode 11

83/100 (DOWN 1 point from previous episode)

Touching moment.

Emotions run high as Homare sets out on her one-woman rescue mission to find the adrift Shion. While the drama the previous episode promised with the stakes raising is more or less accomplished some of the coincidences involved with achieving such a rescue and doing so successfully strained credibility. Nevertheless it was still a very enjoyable adventure all the same.

Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? – Episode 10

84/100 (DOWN 5 points from previous episode)

Mamako x Maid.

This episode felt a little bit tonally all over the place but it still managed to be pretty funny throughout even if a lot of the jokes had punchlines you could see a mile away. Things dipped a bit in the latter half of the episode as an onslaught of nagging mothers bogged the comedy down from reaching anywhere near its true potential.

Magical Sempai – Episode 11

85/100 (UP 2 points from previous episode)


Assistant-kun has a wild imagination when it comes to his Sempai…


The second-half of this episode felt much more accomplished and cohesive than pretty much anything else this show has ever done which both proved the strain on the gag-anime format that it’s relied on up to this point and displayed that these characters would work better in a more traditional slice of life anime set-up. Also it was just plain hilarious too which is always a benefit!

Re:Stage! Dream Days♪ – Episode 10

86/100 (UP 6 points from previous episode)

Close! Well actually not close at all.

After last week’s dip in quality with an unfortunately predictable plotline that only sought to pad out affairs things are more or less returning to normal with an emphasis on over-the-top comedy and introducing the other bands who our girls in KiRaRe will be competing against. There’s some genuine laugh-out-loud moments and the other bands all have considerable charisma and comedic potential themselves which makes for an engaging and refreshing time!

given – Episode 10

86/100 (DOWN 6 points from previous episode)

He’s finally happy (again).

Things were understandably more low-key in this episode compared to last week’s bombastic emotional burst but nevertheless there was development and drama for almost every character and we’re finally getting to the heart of Mafuyu’s true character which is making for a much more enjoyable protagonist than the earlier episodes.

Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie? – Episode 10

87/100 (EVEN with previous episode)

I mean it’s someone’s fetish (probably mine now, thanks anime…)

Our protagonist Keiki spends some time with best girl Yuika–as her slave–and it’s exactly the kind of fun and silly shenanigans you’ve come to expect from this show and this particular pairing. The second half of the episode teases at some more content with Mao which is good too!

How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift? – Episode 11

87/100 (UP 1 point from previous episode)

I love how weird screencaps from this show look.

The stuff with New Years and the shrine to muscle’s was kinda dumb fun but a little bit lacking but it more than makes up for it with the televised talent show shenanigans that bring the laughs in a big way. 

O Maidens In Your Savage Season – Episode 11

88/100 (DOWN 8 points from previous episode)

What show is this again?!

This is a tough one to review because on the one-hand I understand the need for a show to escalate the drama as it reaches its finale–which is exactly what this episode does–but on the other hand the actions of our girls here felt so over-the-top and out of character that I dare say the show jumped the shark at this point. That’s not to say that things aren’t dramatic or entertaining or interesting, they are still all of those things it’s just such an abrupt escalation of drama and emotion that feels like it comes from the pen of a different writer than the previous 10 episodes. I can only hope that next week’s finale offers a satisfying and in-character conclusion to these events as prior to this episode this was the anime of the season and I’d hate for that not to be the case because of its ending.

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 – Episode 10

89/100 (UP 1 point from previous episode)

I could just watch reaction images of Takagi’s face for 24 minutes and be content.

Once again another week brings us an incremental but nevertheless meaningful increase in the intimacy between Takagi and Nishikata. Meanwhile some side characters get fleshed out a little bit too which adds some more depth to the world but there’s no denying the true highlight is the final moments of the episode as they listen to a song together under a tree and we get a reprisal of the first seasons’ theme song that really tugs at the heartstrings.

The Demon Girl Next Door – Episode 10

91/100 (UP 1 point from previous episode)

Lilith’s temporary form was so fucking adorable.

With some of the focus of this episode given to more peripheral characters (the occultic scientist girl and Yuuko’s sister) it allows for some different interactions and let’s Yuko and Momo (and even Mikan) the chance for some different comedic moments that further broadens the show. The scenes with Lilith being “experimented” on were a definite highlight though!

Wasteful Days of High School Girl – Episode 11

92/100 (UP 5 points from previous episode)

You go, girl!

Not that this show hasn’t shown itself capable of producing moving character-driven story-telling in the past (see Episode 3 for ample evidence of that fact) but it’s still always a little bit surprising when it commits to telling a full-episode length story with such affecting character development and its downright awe-inspiring when it pulls it off with such ease. The fact this episode was so convincing as well as sincere meant it was all kinds of special and I love that a show that’s so otherwise stupid and nonsensical can pull off this sincerity from time-to-time.

Fruits Basket – Episode 24

93/100 (UP 11 points from previous episode)

My eyes still sting from crying during this episode.

This episode dug deep into my very soul and hacked away at parts of me I’d long buried and forgotten. Powerful doesn’t even begin to describe the emotional and character scope of this particular episode of ‘Fruits Basket’ but what’s even more remarkable is that in the hands of a less capable writer and/or director this could have been a mess because while it’s content is not miles away from the fantastical elements of the show the ante is upped considerably here to the point where lesser talents could fumble the execution of such content. But ‘Fruits Basket’ 2019 is obviously in good hands as this episode is utterly heart-rending and evocative in all the best ways.

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest – Episode 9

94/100 (UP 4 points from previous episode)

Hello Darkness my old friend.

I’ve stopped paying attention to other reviewers toxic takes on this show and have just fully immersed myself in the series itself and I’m all the happier for it. Where this particular episode absolutely excels is in being wholly unpredictable in any given moment but the sum of these moments amounting to such a satisfying overall product. The introduction of yet another character to Hajime’s burgeoning harem (and a dragon no-less) isn’t what’s unexpected it’s unconventional and subversive way in which she’s brought into the fold. I won’t spoil anything for those wanting to watch later, but let’s just say she gives Darkness from ‘Konosuba’ a run for her money in the space of a single episode!

Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? II – Episode 10

94/100 (UP 5 points from previous episode)

Freya’s a bitch but I love her.

As a denouement for this particular arc of the story things are resolved in a wholly satisfying way and while various confrontations didn’t go ~exactly~ in the ways I expected the fact it managed to wrangle as many characters as it did into the narrative and make them feel necessary is no mean feat. Likewise Freya’s badass arrival as a full-fledged player on the scene had all the gravitas it required and even if the ongoing narrative feels a bit like ‘same shit, different day’ there’s at least the sense that the puzzle pieces are revealing a much bigger picture that goes beyond petty squabbling between egotistical gods and goddesses.

Fire Force – Episode 10

95/100 (UP 4 points from previous episode)

Tamaki scoring all the points.

The world of ‘Fire Force’ continues to expand with introductions to no less than 5+(!) new characters in this episode as well as some visually impressive new locations. That aside the intrigue is certainly ramped up as we enter a new arc and the revelation of an antagonists identity threatens to bring the heat in coming episodes!


And that’s all the anime I watched in Week 11 with the exception of ‘Cop Craft’ which had a recap episode this week. Let me know what your best and worst of the week were and thanks for reading!

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