Summer 2019 Anime

Week 6 of Summer 2019 Anime In Review

All the new anime episodes I watched in Week 6 of Summer 2019 ranked and reviewed!


And it’s week 6! You know the drill, episodes of seasonal anime ranked from worst to best, their individual score (and the change in score from the previous episode) plus a little review of each.

given – Episode 5

75/100 (UP 3 points from previous episode)



Learning more about the two side-characters, Haruki and Akihiko, both past and present was undoubtedly a highlight as I’ve said before they are more interesting characters than our main two. By the end of the episode the ~drama~ ramps up as we begin to learn a bit about Mafuyu’s back story and promises something more narratively satisfying to come.

Isekai Cheat Magician – Episode 5

78/100 (UP 2 points from previous episode)

I wouldn’t mind getting a mouthful of Anastasia…

There’s a marginal improvement over last week’s seasonal low what with the re-introduction of Anastasia the reformed assassin turned guild adventurer who adds yet another strong female character to a cast already brimming with them and while the characters in the show remain this shows’ strongest suit the plot is moving slowly and remains only just interesting enough considering the potential previously shown.

If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat The Demon Lord – Episode 6 

80/100 (UP 1 point from previous episode)

I think what he meant to say was “nobody but me!”

This episode drew on this series’ strengths up to this point, with Dale being more low-key and less “cartoonish” and the episode feeling like it was building towards something more important while still retaining the slice of life ~feel~. The development of side characters was likewise appreciated as it helped further solidify this world as something more cohesive and ‘real’ than it might be otherwise.

Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? – Episode 5

80/100 (DOWN 7 points from previous episode)

When the show write the caption for you.

While still funny at times I felt the introduction of new girl Medhi and more specifically her overbearing and controlling mother was a bit lacking in both interest and execution feeling more like cheap sitcom shenanigans rather than the excessive fun that has previously defined this series. And sadly—with this episode ending in the middle of their introduction—it’s likely to continue into the next episode.

Demon Lord, Retry! – Episode 6

81/100 (UP 1 point from previous episode)

I volunteer as tribute! #trapsarentgay

More characters are introduced! Which, in a show already bursting with side characters might seem like a detriment, but here only reinforces their necessity to the overall enjoyment of the show. This anime remains a singularly weird and almost improvisational at points (at least in terms of the narrative content). Yukikaze remains a personal favourite, the plot received a necessary kick in an ~interesting~ direction and even our titular ‘Demon Lord’ got to kick ass and look cool in front of an entire town, no less, which is sure to make things even more interesting going forward.

Are You Lost? – Episode 6

82/100 (DOWN 1 point from previous episode)

Scarred for life.

I was glad this episode didn’t shy away from the cold reality of killing, gutting and skinning a wild rabbit for sustenance as it helped solidify the realism of their situation (even if this is ultimately a fan service comedy). Though speaking of which, the fan service took a back seat here which while disappointing was probably necessary considering the ~slightly~ darker tone of the episode.

Magical Sempai – Episode 6

83/100 (UP 2 points from previous episode)


Introducing new characters is seemingly the flavour of the week as ‘Magical Sempai’ adds a delightfully weird duo which seeks to invigorate the tried and tested formula that the previous episodes have heavily cemented. Also the fan-service gets a much needed boost adding to the overall appeal of this particular episode for those so inclined.

Wasteful Days of High School Girl – Episode 6

84/100 (DOWN 2 points from previous episode)

More anime girls need to wear black nail polish. It’s a good look!

We’re halfway through the season and the show is still introducing us to new characters at the steady rate of one per episode–I wonder how much purpose “Majo” will truly have in the ensemble as her characterisation feels a bit one-note compared to the others but maybe she’ll have enough growth to make her presence worthwhile. This episode was still very funny, if slightly predictable.

Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? II – Episode 5

84/100 (DOWN 16 points from previous episode)

When peeping in the bath turns emotional.

The problem with following up a “perfect” episode (aside from the obvious) is that a 16-point drop looks like doom and gloom when in reality it’s just a return to this show’s known level of quality. Necessary downtime after last episode as the Hestia Familia moves into their newly acquired mansion, it’s a fun but inconsequential low-stakes episode with just enough meaningful character moments to stop it from being seen as pure filler.

Cop Craft – Episode 5

85/100 (UP 3 points from previous episode)

Every time I saw the vampire I was reminded of Ekoda-chan, mostly because she’s an almost always naked woman with straight black hair.

I can’t say I expected the ‘monster of the week’ villain established in the previous episode to be given a decent amount of complexity and depth to her characterisation–not only that but be a fairly unique and intriguing take on standard ‘vampire’ tropes. This episode was exciting, well-paced and fit into the police procedural format in all the right ways.

Fruits Basket – Episode 19

85/100 (DOWN 6 points from previous episode)

I ‘ship these two now…

Tohru continues on her almost messiah-like healing tour, this time giving her wise words and comforting disposition to newcomer Ritsu Soma of the monkey zodiac and while her words were indeed wise and heartfelt and (once again) brought a tear to my eye the character of Ritsu fell on the side of annoying rather than entertaining as did the over-the-top antics of Shigure’s long suffering agent. Things recovered by the end of the episode though and the result was still an emotionally satisfying episode!

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love At The Bound Of This World – Episode 18

85/100 (DOWN 2 points from previous episode)

New character ‘Sayless’ is also mute, I wonder how she got her name…

It’s always fun when a show like this (i.e. a sci-fi visual novel adaptation) has a bit of fun with its setting and production studio ‘feel.’ did the same with ‘ISLAND’ last year and it’s “NEVER ISLAND” arc and likewise here we get a brand new OP and ED with the action transported from the contemporary Japanese setting to a “cliche” fantasy world complete with typical walled city. The OP borrows heavily from isekai cliches and it’s all the more fun for it while the content of the episode is a bit more serious as our protagonist is introduced to his new world and new characters including new best girl candidate Sayless.

Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie? – Episode 5

86/100 (UP 2 points from previous episode)

I mean its fine when she’s so cute, right?

Putting aside the stupid “controversy” that arose from this episode (I oughta write a post about it alone–but I won’t) we got to meet another ‘pervert’ girl though in a nice subversion of expectations isn’t interested in our protagonist but the protagonists’ best friend. And the shenanigans were surprisingly low-key (well some of them at least) which gave the episode a different feel which was appreciated. Overall though this show just continues to be entertaining and well-acted.

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 – Episode 5

86/100 (UP 2 points from previous episode)

Get the hint, Nishikata!

While the majority of this episodes’ segments were pretty standard (which is absolutely a compliment as this show at its most “standard” is hella endearing) the final two were excellent, truly among this show’s best and for completely different reasons. The ‘Happy Birthday’ segment was wonderfully sweet despite its seeming simplicity while the ‘Sneeze’ segment experimented with a fun kind of narrative device showing the interconnectedness of our characters and how similar their thinking is despite external differences.

The Demon Girl Next Door – Episode 5

87/100 (DOWN 1 point from previous episode)

It’s arousing is what it is.

Even when this show isn’t doing anything particularly noteworthy from a narrative standpoint it still remains utterly entertaining thanks entirely due to its commitment to its comedic brilliance and character interactions. Simply put, if you’re at all a fan of character driven comedy with an emphasis on nuanced voice acting performances then you need to be watching this anime already! Also super bonus points for Yuko’s sexy transformation outfit–I knew it was coming but it was still awesome.

Re:Stage! Dream Days♪ – Episode 5

88/100 (EVEN with previous episode)

If only the song these Daft Punk wannabes were making actually ended up being the song they used. If only!

This series has been consistently great since the start so the fact that it delivers yet another high-quality and entertaining experience isn’t anything noteworthy. What is however worth mentioning is how unexpectedly hilarious the middle portion of this episode is as the club splits into three groups of two to try and come up with a new song for the upcoming competition and seeing the escalation of individual madness between the different duos as the night wears on was truly a sight to behold!

Fire Force – Episode 5

92/100 (DOWN 3 points from previous episode)

I’m not sure what she’s draped in, is it a towel, a cloth, a really big t-shirt?

Things escalated a lot more quickly than I expected in this episode which was both a negative and a positive all things considered. I’m glad we’re not getting bogged down in excessive shonen-style bloat but likewise it feels like things are moving too fast considering how new we are as an audience to this world and specifically to the idea that Company 8 is responsible for investigating the other fire companies. Other than that the episode is compelling, action-packed and with just the right amount of laughs, drama and character moments interspersed throughout.

O Maidens In Your Savage Season – Episode 6

94/100 (DOWN 3 points from previous episode)

Get it Hongo!

We’re in the middle-part of an ‘arc’ here–at least it seems–and so we’re not really given any closure to anything but rather just the furthering along of established plot points which gives the audience the anime equivalent of blue-balls. That’s not to say what we are given isn’t satisfying as thanks to the writing and direction every scene is worthwhile, compelling and entertaining, it’s just we’re left wanting more from almost every scene in the episode.

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest – Episode 5

95/100 (UP 6 points from previous episode)

What a coincidence? My type is 300 year-old blonde vampire loli’s too!

So I will fully admit a bias in favour of this show, not only because of how much I enjoy the characters and the overall situation but because of how delightfully unpredictable and against the grain it is. Also, the high score this episode received might be inflated somewhat because of how defensive I’ve become about this series in general thanks to the overwhelming negativity that surrounds it in the anime community at large. But at the same time I was genuinely enraptured by Hajime and Yue’s journey throughout this episode, the growing relationship between them and the promise of their travels to come. Put simply, I loved it!

How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift? – Episode 6

97/100 (UP 7 points from previous episode)

New girl Gina on the stereotypes of Russian characters in anime/manga.

I can’t say I expected this show to ever top a weekly seasonal list but here we are! Though I shouldn’t be too surprised as studio Dogo Koba has been hitting it out of the park recently, they even scored a 100/100 episode with ‘Wataten’s 12th episode but that’s hardly the point. Things came to a head in this episode as we finally had a follow-up to the episode two revelation about Hibiki’s super-human upper-body strength and not only was it satisfyingly implemented into the episode’s story but also helped introduced a new character (the Russian arm-wrestling pro, Gina Boyd) who herself is an utter comedic joy and exceedingly worthwhile addition to the cast. The only thing stopping me from giving this episode a higher score (or even a ‘perfect’ score) is the fact we got three almost identical Vladimir Putin jokes in a row which felt cheap and repetitive–but this is absolutely me nitpicking and otherwise brilliant episode.

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2 comments on “Week 6 of Summer 2019 Anime In Review

  1. Yeah I was prepared for Is it wrong to be not up to last week’s perfect episode. But that said, overall it was still a fun one to watch: lighthearted with a touch of humor, and setting up things for the next arc.
    Fire Force was fun too…although I agree with you on the point that things maybe moving slightly too fast. Still can’t argue the fact that overall the show is just very enjoyable, and has little to nothing to complain about.
    Last but not least, If it’s for my daughter also still had that feel good vibe going for it, and it was nice to see a little bit less over the top Dale which kind of felt like a breath of fresh air 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed all of these episodes too! If anything hopefully ‘Fire Force’s seemingly fast narrative pace means there’s bigger and more exciting things to come that the series is in a hurry to show us all!

      Liked by 1 person

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