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When Dragon Girl Met Princess – ‘Mysteria Friends’ Full Season Review

When Dragon Girl Met Princess - A Full Season Review for 'Mysteria Friends'


What’s the show? Mysteria Friends.

And what’s it about? It’s a low-key and laid back slice of life style “romance” anime about the budding relationship between two high-school girls who attend a prestigious magic school, Anne who is a human princess and Grea who belongs to a race of half human half dragons–and is also a princess. It’s also an exceedingly beautiful anime with (arguably) some of the nicest art and animation of any anime this season.

Picture perfect scenery.

Hmm, I note the “quotation” marks around “romance” and feel like you’re baiting me into asking why. So why? We’re given ten, 15 minute episodes so almost 150 minutes of total run-time and (spoiler alert) they don’t even kiss. Maybe I was expecting too much from a series like this (whatever a series like this even is categorised as) but it feels like a big investment and very little ‘pay-off’ so to speak.

Dramatic slow zoom. Fade to white.

You sound disappointed with the show. Are you? No, because I still enjoyed the journey, I loved spending time with these characters and watch them interact and grow closer, I loved the episodes that had more action and adventure and I loved the quieter more intimate ones where they’re just playing hide-and-seek in the massive school library. Aesthetically this show is gorgeous and it’s stunning world design along with the aforementioned high art quality means I couldn’t possibly be disappointed with the overall experience. It’s just worth mentioning because people watch different shows for different reasons and if you’re expecting any kind of romantic closure you ~might~ be let down.

Anne is too genki for her own good sometimes.

Fair call. So who was your favourite character? If you paid any attention to my 10 Best Anime Waifu’s of Winter 2019 you’d know there was no contest–Grea is not only the best girl on the show I voted her best girl of the entire season, and while pictures do speak a thousand words–hearing her speak and shyly interact with Anne is what really sells her and the whole show really. I can’t imagine this show being nearly as enjoyable if Grea wasn’t Grea. I know that might seem like an odd (or maybe obvious) thing to say but there’s no denying she steals every scene she’s in and thankfully she’s in most of them.

Grea’s introduction scene is the epitome of sexy and classy.

Anything else you wanted to add that’s important to mention? The series is an in-universe spin-off to ‘The Rage of Bahamut’ series (the game, if I’m not mistaken) but absolutely zero prior knowledge of that series is required to enjoy this series. This show never spends any of its time with lore or history or backstories, nor does it need it. This series could have taken place in any generic fantasy world with magic and half-breeds and floating islands and not felt any different–at least from a narrative perspective.

There’s some action. Just not much.

Final recommendation and review for ‘Mysteria Friends’? With regard to its overall mood there are similarities between this and ‘Bloom Into You’ though the same comparisons do not extend to tribulations shared by the characters in the latter. If you want a sweet and simple story of two girls building the beginnings of a relationship set against a fantastical ‘Hogwarts’-esque backdrop with dashes of action and magic thrown in then this show might be for you. But if you’re looking for a substantial narrative or romantic progression beyond hand-holding you will need to look elsewhere. There’s no “mystery” about how much I enjoyed this show though: 84 out of 100.

They’re adorable.

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6 comments on “When Dragon Girl Met Princess – ‘Mysteria Friends’ Full Season Review

  1. I’ve been meaning to watch this one, hope you don’t mind I just skimmed the review. I’ll read it properly once I’ve seen it. It looks like you’d recommend it.

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  2. This was one of my favorites of the season. I could stand more Grea in my life!

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  3. Wonderful review keep up the good writing.

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