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Headed For Disaster – ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ Episode 10 Review with Irina and Matt

Headed For Disaster - An Anime QandA Review of 'Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan' Episode 10 with Irina and Matt


Another season, another anime collaboration with Irina from I Drink And Watch Anime. For Winter 2019 we will be talking about ‘Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan’ and I will be represented by the bold text!

And now it’s time for Episode 10. And, remember how last week I said the show keeps getting better and better? Well folks, it got worse… a lot worse. I wish I could disagree.

In fairness Ekoda did warn us that if we wanted to watch “normal” anime we could just “change the channel”. Who watches anime on channels anymore??? Quaint. Considering how this show has been so far, I don’t think that was a fair warning!

I should have taken up this advice and just pretended I watched this episode.

So, uh, mixed media marionette style song and dance number for 3 minutes then end credits… I don’t really have much to say. It was creepy and mildly amusing at times, but mostly just creepy. Creepy doesn’t begin to describe it. Guys, what Matt is avoiding describing with the convenient expression “mixed media” is that the puppets were in fact the disembodied floating heads of actresses with 2D make up to make hem look like dolls, and freaky huge animated eyes overlaid on top of their real eyes. Foam rubber wigs and weird puffy fabric tendrils all on fake strings.

Kill it with fire.

It was the stuff of nightmare you guys. The song was just a description of the show with the weird refran: as long as men exist in the world, Ekoda exists in our hearts… I’m not intimidated by weird but this one felt sort of useless. It’s like someone had an idea, and they went with it and never once questioned the point of it all.

The last thing you see before you die. (Probably)

Though I did like the brief ‘traditionally’ animated portion at the start had some good jiggle physics on (for some reason blue-skinned) Ekoda’s boobs, that’s about the only nice thing I have to say about the episode. I was going to say, I’m surprised you didn’t spend three pages on bouncy smurf Ekoda with pasties. In fact – I made you a gif! Happy birthday Matt! You spoil me, Irina!

Jiggle is an art.

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  1. Stupid stars. Weirdest looking nipple coverups ever.

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