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Day 19 – Best Kiss (30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge)

Day 19 of the 30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge


If you want information about what this challenge is all about click here or on the image above to be linked back to the challenge start page!

Warning this post contains some NSFW imagery.

Day 19 – Best Kiss

Funnily enough finding an actual kiss in a fan-service anime is somewhat difficult because let’s face it, things seldom get so intimate in harems and ecchi. Oh sure, you’ll end up with enough ~accidental~ shenanigans to fill an album but something as normal as a kiss is pretty rare. And what’s even more rare is a kiss that has meaning and passion and intimacy. ‘My Wife Is The Student Council President’ Episode 5 did a lot of things right but never before have I seen a kiss with such raw teenage energy, here’s a girl who wants it so badly that her body is aching and a guy who’s trying to hold back but eventually gives in.

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3 comments on “Day 19 – Best Kiss (30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge)

  1. My favourite anime kiss is from Triage X. The kiss leaves the boy absolutly flawed and on his knees. It was a such a great kiss.

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  2. I have to begrudgingly also bring up…fuck…. the Basara and Chisato kiss from….fucking Shinmai.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The only canon kiss that leaps to mind is Kazuto & Asuna at the end of SAO… I always like how it shifts to their hands, letting the audience know there is more involved.

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