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Day 16 – Sexiest Opening and/or Ending Credits Sequence (30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge)


If you want information about what this challenge is all about click here or on the image above to be linked back to the challenge start page!

Warning this post contains some NSFW imagery.

Day 16 – Sexiest Opening and/or Ending Credits Sequence

When it comes to rating an OP (Opening) or ED (Ending) as “sexy” it comes down to one of two things: is it the song or is it the visuals. Seldom is it both. So these two picks are what I’d call “as good as it gets” as far as striking the balance between being both sexy in visuals and song.

OP – “Forever We Can Make It” by THYME from To Love-Ru

Yep, that’s right, I picked the OP that sounds like a punk rock anthem and whose visuals consist of nothing more than slow pans over still images, that’s how confident I am with this OP’s abject sexiness. Musically there’s seldom a thing more “90’s” as this and for a millennial like me that’s sexy, it reminds me of a time where I was some desperate teenager fawning over centerfolds. Okay maybe I was only in elementary school in the 90’s but the feeling still applies for the early 2000’s. Never before or since have anime girls looked as sexy as they do in this OP and I can’t even put into words why–they just do.

ED – “Motenai Kuse ni(`;ω;´)” by Tapimiru” from High School DxD Hero

While sexy anime OP’s are rare to come by *cough* there’s seemingly no shortage of sexy anime ED’s to behold. Though with that in mind there was only one series ending credits that had all the right moves in all the right places. High School DxD Hero’s ED delivered one of the sexiest visual experiences not only of that season but arguably of all time, at least as far as ED’s go! All those glistening girls in bikini’s… it’s almost trite if you compare it to likewise things in the west but for an anime it was a singularly beautiful experience.

No video online for this ED so enjoy a gif from it instead.

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