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30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge

An Introduction to the 30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge


I’ve seen a lot of 30 Day Challenges go around, and while some have been great to read and even tempting to participate in I always find myself with a lack of things to say about more than a few of the picks and so I end up not participating because I get self conscious about having lackluster replies. So I thought to myself, “what’s a topic I could discuss endlessly and have a myriad of opinions about?” And of course, me being me the answer was quickly found to be Anime Fan Service. Obviously I know this probably isn’t the most approachable 30 Day Challenge as there’s plenty of people who are either indifferent to it, or even downright hate it but for everyone else feel free to participate! While I’m aware fan service tends to involve scantily clad anime girls I’ve tried to make the topics/questions for each day gender-neutral (except where a gender is stated or it’s inferred with the topic) so feel free to mix and match with fan service featuring good looking girls and boys if that’s what you want! I’ll be starting the challenge on February 1st so feel free to start then too, or later, or never! Either way, hopefully this’ll be a bit of fun and not too creepy! Also worth noting, if you want to use picks from manga’s instead that’s okay too!

Day 1 – Most Favourite Fan Service Trope

Day 2 – Least Favourite Fan Service Trope

Day 3 – Best Chest

Day 4 – Best Butt

Day 5 – Best Overall Body

Day 6 – Sexiest Female Character

Day 7 – Sexiest Male Character

Day 8 – Sexiest Non-Human Character

Day 9 – Sexiest One-Off Character

Day 10 – Sexiest Outfit

Day 11 – Sexiest Armor

Day 12 – Sexiest Uniform

Day 13 – Best Beach Episode

Day 14 – Best Hot Springs Episode

Day 15 – Best Bath/Shower Scene

Day 16 – Sexiest Opening and/or Ending Credits Sequence

Day 17 – Best Anime Harem

Day 18 – Best Loli/Shota

Day 19 – Best Kiss

Day 20 – Best Sex Scene

Day 21 – Best Lingerie

Day 22 – Best Swimwear

Day 23 – Best “Pervert” Character

Day 24 – Sexiest Anime Character Trope/Trait

Day 25 – Best Unexpected Fan Service From An Anime

Day 26 – Best Comedic Fan Service Moment/Trope

Day 27 – A Bad Anime With Great Fan Service

Day 28 – Series With The Worst Fan Service

Day 29 – Series With The Best Fan Service

Day 30 – Sexiest Overall Anime

If you’re going to take part please link back to this original post so people know where it came from! Also, if you’re wondering why I personally chose February (aka the month with 28 days) to do a 30 Day Challenge, well it’s because I’ll be away on holidays in Japan for the majority of February and thus this will be taking the place of most of the blog’s content for that time period (you can read more about that here). If you want to do this during an ~actual~ 30 day month feel free to do so too!

Also here’s an image version of the 30 categories for the challenge if you’d prefer something visual to display rather than the text list above.


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12 comments on “30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge

  1. sounds like a fun challenge

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  2. Haha! This looks great. Can’t wait to see your answers.

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  3. I think I am going to do this. Oh man, I don’t think I am going to be able to resist not doing it. Awesome challenge Matt!

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  5. This seems an interesting challenge. Gonna turn in into a almost male exclusive (I’m known for my love of cute boys apparently) and might do it weekly instead, but I will certainly give it a close look and see if I can fill every day.

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  7. oooh I could have some real fun with this challenge, I might just have to give this one a go!

    Liked by 1 person

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