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I’m Going On Vacation For 3 Weeks And What That Means For The Site During That Time

I'm Going On Vacation For 3 Weeks And What That Means For The Site During That Time - An Update


Hello everyone! Just a quick-ish post about some real-life stuff that will be impacting the site and what you can expect in the form of posts during this period. So I’ll be going on vacation (we call it “going on holiday’s” in Australia, but I thought I’d make it easier for all my American readers) from February 7th to February 28th. I’ll be in Japan for this period, and while I intend to bring my computer with me and will try to keep up with some of the seasonal anime, the writing of episodic reviews will be at the bottom of my list of priorities. But because I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like a day going by without new content on my site I have written and scheduled 31 posts to go out from February 1st to March 1st with a couple of extra ones to be written between now and the time I go away. As for the content of these posts, well I’ll have a post going out on January 31st that explains that in some detail… (okay it’s a 30 Day Challenge that I came up with, there I ruined the surprise for you all!) In addition to the 31 posts (+ extra ones) I will still be doing my ‘Watched But Not Reviewed’ post once a week while away to cover the anime I do end up being able to watch. But who knows? Maybe the weather will be terrible and I’ll have plenty of free time to watch and review like normal?!


Anyway that’s all I had to say, if you have any questions let me know, otherwise thanks for reading!

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19 comments on “I’m Going On Vacation For 3 Weeks And What That Means For The Site During That Time

  1. Ah jeez, I wish I had the drive to make 31 scheduled posts.

    Have a great holiday!

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  2. That sounds like fun. Be safe on your trip and have fun.

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  3. That reminds me I need to schedule some posts for that period (and even after it)…hopefully you have a good time in Japan, and like Scott said, stay safe.

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  4. Hope you have a good trip. One post a day, though, even when you’re on vacation? I admire your dedication.

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  5. I envy your mental fortitude to write and prepare that much. 31 posts…

    But seriously, have a safe and great vacation! Do you plan on blogging about your trip after it’s over? Your Japan trip posts are a lot of fun to read.

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    • Thank you! And yes I will blog about it all after the trip in a similar fashion (but hopefully more comprehensive and with more traveller info+photos)!


  6. Have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see the posts on this year’s trip

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  7. negativeprimes

    Holy cow! Color me impressed. And thanks for translating holidays to vacation, because there’s no way we stoopid Amerikans would have figured that out. 🤣

    Anyway, safe travels!

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  8. Jealous! 🙂 Have fun!

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  9. Have a awesome time !!! 😀

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  10. Oh challenge, I like challenge. Looking forward to see what is it about.
    Hope you will have a great time during your trip!

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