Winter 2019 Anime

Watched But Not Reviewed (Winter 2019 Week 2)

A Rundown of the anime I watched but didn't review in Week 2 of Winter 2019


Just like I did last season, I’ll be briefly covering the Winter 2019 seasonal anime that I watched but that didn’t get a full review on the site. This is not indicative of a show’s quality (for the most part) but rather a that I didn’t have enough to say about a show to write a full review. I’ll keep spoilers to a minimum but will warn if it’s unavoidable. So without further delay here’s the episodes I watched but didn’t review this week.

How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno (Episode 2)

Moved to ‘Watched But Not Reviewed’ but not due to a lack of quality just a lack of things to say to justify a full review. Much like the first episode it was funny and endearing with just the right amount of inappropriate humour. The second segment of the episode was undoubtedly the highlight, with Ueno’s bottom getting more than she bargained for!

Just another day in anime.

Dimension High School (Episode 2)

With the exception of some minor character moments this was ostensibly the exact same episode as the previous one only with more incomprehensible puzzles (not the show’s fault, but the fault of the language barrier) and repeated jokes that weren’t even funny the first time. I made the remark that this show wasn’t bad, just “meh” but I take it back–this show has zero redeeming qualities. Dropped.


Girly Air Force (Episode 2)

Another solid–if unremarkable episode–this episode focused on Gripen and very quickly she became an endearing and entertaining character to watch. If this series is going to succeed by anything it’s going to be on the quality of the girls and their connection with the protagonist, and if this episode is any indicator it should do just fine.

Best plane 2019.

Date A Live III (Episode 2)

I must have been in a really bad mood last week because I complained about the first episode a lot. This second episode is perfectly fine visually and has some compelling story beats and genuine character development–the confession scene between Yuzuru and Shido particularly was beautiful to look at and genuinely touching. I apologise for my remarks last week and I look forward to the next episode!

Yeah, I admit it is, quit rubbing it in!

Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale (Episode 2)

Another show moved to ‘Watched But Not Reviewed’ status, nothing really to say other than ‘cute mermaids doing cute things’ though I do appreciate the fact this seems to be a less episodic show and instead has an ongoing story-arc which is a different ~feel~ than I’m used to when it comes to shows like this. It’ll be fun if this ends up becoming ‘a bunch of mermaids running a movie theatre’ but I get the feeling that’s not anywhere near going to be the end goal with this series.

These mermaid kids were annoying.

Circlet Princess (Paused at Episode 1 due to no-one currently fansubbing)

Ame-Iro Cocoa: Side G (Paused at Episode 1 due to two-minute episode length, will resume at the end of the season)

And that’s all for this week! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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8 comments on “Watched But Not Reviewed (Winter 2019 Week 2)

  1. Yoshino’s expression from this week’s Date A Live, I want to blow up and throw into the sky for all to see.

    Cuteness like that should be illegal.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I might check out Girly Air Force based on that screenshot alone

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I thought Tanaka really overdid it on Ueno-san, and he’s turning into the weakest part of the show, one where I start to wonder what Ueno sees in him. He seems like actually a pretty big jackass. I mean, yeah, Ueno’s a doofus, but she tells him that’s not where it was, and he still keeps smacking her butt? That’s just being a jerk.

    I know it’s in the title, but the “Date” portion of Date-A-Live kinda feels like it’s getting to be the weak link with the way they put the current story together. Natsumi disappears Yuzuru because Shidou didn’t have a date with the girl Natsumi is pretending to be out of the 12 candidates? The one-on-one time does cycle through the girls and gives everyone a chance to see their favorite… do all the things they’re expected to do. But it also means that after that’s done your favorite is sidelined for the next few episodes. It also doesn’t leave time much for character progression, except in a case like Yuzuru where she usually isn’t a solo focus.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I mean, you say “favourite” like I don’t have room in my heart for ALL these girls. I enjoyed all the dates in this episode and while I have “favourites” its not like I was running down the clock while watching the others.


    • Oh and as for Ueno-san. She’s been “overdoing” it since the first minute of the first episode. This was just her getting it back as good as she’s been giving just in a more ~direct~ way. Everyone in this show is just adolescent stupidity at its excess and that’s part of the charm.


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