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Waifu Of Mass Destruction – ‘Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur’ Episode 10 (Finale) Review

Waifu Of Mass Destruction - An Anime QandA Review of 'Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur' Episode 10


What’s the show? Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur, Episode 10 (Finale).

So how’s this episode? It’s the first cour finale, and with that comes the pressure of this show ~actually~ having a plot! And by that I mean in this episode not only do we get a bigger idea of the world of this show and feel the scope of it enlarge in turn but we also get new antagonists who aren’t just the “baddie of the week” kind of deal the show has been dishing out for the last 9 episodes but rather will be recurring in the second cour!

Sounds like the show is evolving–for the lack of a better word. Yes, and it’s a necessary evolution–not that I didn’t enjoy the show as it had been but the scope always felt minuscule in the face of their task–something this episodes seeks to highlight and rectify.

Hey look, new weirdly dressed weirdos!

How so? Well the gang is faced with the prospect that at their current rate, defeating the remaining 900,000 Arthurs would take 267 years a sobering statistic that is only worsened by the fact that many Arthurs they face choose to flee rather than flight which only makes their job more difficult. Meanwhile a shadowy group of Arthur’s is formulating a plan to take out our gang once and for all. What is their plan you ask? Why nothing short of mobilising every hostile Arthur on the planet against them and declaring their intent to attack en masse, hundreds of thousands of Arthurs vs our 6 protagonists–it’s a battle of insanely stacked odds and ludicrous to imagine numbers.

I mean when you put it like that it sounds impossible!

And how does the show pull of animating such ridiculous numbers. Surprisingly well, obviously it more or less looks like a swarm of ants against six other ants in the wide shots but it still absolutely sells the scale of the battle. And while our protagonists do their very best to fight off the horde they can only do so much before their stamina wains and the sheer number of enemies overwhelm.

900,000+ vs 6.

Are they defeated? Well just as all seems lost a brilliant pinkish red bright light shines from the sky and a girl descends, turning a sword in her hand like the ticking hand of a clock and dressed like a spirit out of ‘Date A Live’. Her name is Pharsalia and she’s not messing around she launches one of her swords at a group of thousands and unleashes an explosion akin to an atomic bomb vaporising Excaliburs and Arthur’s alike with extreme prejudice. She continues, launching her missiles and killing hundreds of thousands of people all in the name of “saving” our protagonists. She then too eliminates the shadowy group who were watching on all the while her own team are watching on from a distance. This being the “new antagonists” I spoke of at top of the review.

Waifu of chaos, Pharsalia.

Right. And you’re calling them “antagonists” despite the fact they or rather one of them saved our protagonists? The scene is not played as a ‘victory’ this was a slaughter, this was overkill, this was… well in a pretty obvious visual metaphor using weapons of mass destruction on enemies unprepared and helpless to defend against them. Regardless of who these people actually turn out to be, for right now–they are the true enemy of our protagonists.

They dead.

Fair enough. So overall thoughts on the final episode? It’s hard to even assess this as a finale, because while certainly fitting in scale and grandeur it’s just the beginning of things to come, thus as far as cliffhanger finales go it’s perfect as it grabs hold and makes me long to see future episodes. Likewise it’s no slouch on the emotional side as it goes all out in making all of our protagonists feel like vulnerable human characters on the day before their big battle. Having each character share a tender and emotional moment with their respective fairy. While not strong in comedy, it excels everywhere else and if this is the type of show we’ll be getting next cour then I’m all for it!

Yamaneko and Coupy share a tender hug the night before the big battle.

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1 comment on “Waifu Of Mass Destruction – ‘Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur’ Episode 10 (Finale) Review

  1. I’m never really a huge fan of the “These are the most powerful people we have.”…”Oh, these other folks showed up out of nowhere and they’re infinitely more powerful than the people we had before” kind of stories. I liked the way this whole series went, except for this last bit, and I kind of worry that it’ll be telling a completely different kind of story when it starts back up.

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