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Worshipping The Idol – ‘Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur’ Episode 9 Review

Worshipping The Idol - An Anime QandA Review of 'Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur' Episode 9

What’s the show? Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur, Episode 9.

So how’s this episode? So a group of adventurers walk by a tree and an idol falls out on top of one of them.

I haven’t heard this joke before… Oh this isn’t a joke, this is how the episode starts!

I appreciated this shot a lot.

Err, okay then. So what’s this episode about then? It’s about an idol by the name of Kaguya who is being harassed by her self-entitled fans, up to and including one desperate fan who wants to kidnap her so she can be subject to his “experiments”.


Eek, that’s a bit dark! It’s funny, I’m finding an increasing number of anime painting fanatic idol fans with a very negative brush and I’m wondering if the overlap between anime otaku and idol otaku in Japan is relatively small. I mean it wouldn’t surprise me, one favours the flesh and blood over the animated so obviously there’s going to be a tangible difference of opinion but that’s a topic for another day…

I found it very amusing that they looked like Daru from Steins;Gate.

Right, so anything else happen in this episode? Well it’s mostly focused on Tekken Arthur, which is fine because I actually like him and it was nice to see him have some quieter scenes with Kaguya the idol which showed a different side to his character. Also I really like Kaguya too, she’s very cute and her voice actress was wonderful I hope she comes back in Season 2 even if it’s just for a cameo. Also the song she ended up performing was very nice and professional sounding too, makes me wonder if she is/was a famous idol?

Even in her bathrobe she commits to the ridiculous rabbit ears.

So overall thoughts on the episode? It was very good had some quality laughs (and a decent amount of fan-service–there’s a brief visit to a spa) and it was just plain entertaining throughout–sometimes things are pretty straightforward and there’s just not much else to say!

I can understand the appeal… still, don’t harass idols!

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2 comments on “Worshipping The Idol – ‘Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur’ Episode 9 Review

  1. I thought this episode did a fantastic job in making a clear separation in the behavior of the fans, not just generalizing all fans (idol or anime) as creepy jerks. When Kaguya was so warmly receptive of and thankful for the support of the two girls in pigtails and glasses and backpacks with posters sticking out the top, stereotypical otaku looks, it really drove the point home that it’s not just being fans that is the problem. It’s going to the possessive, entitled lengths where you think you are owed time and attention. I also liked that it felt like it skewered the wota culture, which to me often feels like it’s an unwanted and distracting self-serving performance imposed on people who are interested in seeing the performer up on the stage, not a bunch of people in their way shouting and ostentatiously dancing. Especially as the show took effort in pointing out that those fans take up the front rows, where they become an imposition on the rest of the audience. I know I am trying to be less judgmental of how people are fans, but to me that gets a bit too performative and attention-seeking. If they wanted to do that at the back, much less of a problem. Or do it on Youtube / niconico.

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    • You make a lot of good points, my review for this episode kinda sucks (willing to admit that) because I have zero interest in idols (animated or real) and thus have little knowledge about any of it—to the point I had to google what ‘wota’ meant as I’d never heard of that! Thanks for your comment, very enlightening! 🙂


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