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Add Me On Anilist.co

A short post about Anilist.co and my presence on the site


First of all, this isn’t a paid promotion. This is just me shouting out a MAL-alternative website that–for me at least–seems better than the aforementioned. I joined Anilist about 4 months ago (round about the time Irina made a post about it) but never bothered to mention it ’til now. Basically if you ever wanted to know my score out of 100 (because that’s how I score) for any anime I’ve watched you’ll find it here!


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13 comments on “Add Me On Anilist.co

  1. Yay – I like AniList too cause I’m a dweeb! Glad to see the awesome cool folks use it as well

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  2. Ok, I’ll add you if I find you!

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  3. do you have a link?

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  4. good. i need me a new MAL since MAL won’t let me log on to my now 10 yr old profile. T.T

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    • Oof~ that sucks. Hope you enjoy using Anilist.


    • I find the profile parts of Anilist a lot better than MAL. The crowdsourced parts aren’t anywhere near as good. Characters, voice actors, staff, songs, etc. really don’t get updated quickly or at all in some cases. But that’s what ANN is for.

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  5. Oh, one other thing: If you watch shows from a PC, whether streamed or otherwise, then there is an app named Taiga that helps to automatically track your watching and sync it to AniList. And even if you don’t watch them on the PC, if you use a PC it still provides an easy way to track shows, since you can increment them up with a click on the “currently watching” list. I find it extraordinarily helpful in both keeping my list up to date and keeping track of what shows I might have missed.

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