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New Site Theme And Mascot!

A quick announcement post regarding the site's new theme/aesthetic and anime inspired mascot!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday period and a just as enjoyable New Years! This is just a short update to let you all know I’ve updated the theme for my site but more importantly redesigned the front page banner/general aesthetic and decided I needed a waifu of my own to grace the site. Her name is Saboten-Chan and she’s basically what I decided I’d look like as a female anime character; right down to the purple jeans (most of the jeans I own are purple after all!) I made her from some existing pre-sets and downloaded assets in ‘Clip Studio Pro’ so she’s not ~exactly~ a custom character but she’s pretty close to it. I just wanted to get something done for the New Year to give my blog a different feel! Aside from that, nothing else is going to change to the site itself or my reviewing process, you can expect the same Anime QandA experience in 2019 as you did in 2018. Although I intend to make revamp my Patreon page and rewards in the coming days, but I’ll make a post about that when it happens. Until then, thanks for reading!


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5 comments on “New Site Theme And Mascot!

  1. Will there be a QaA session with Saboten-chan?
    I was also going to ask about her name, but a quick trip to Google-chan made everything clear. Neat choice!

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  2. A warm welcome to Saboten-chan. I’ll be careful not to… needle her about anything.

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