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10 Best Waifu’s of Fall 2018 Anime

This post contains some NSFW imagery.

Nearing the end of another anime season means its time for one very important thing. Namely listing and ranking my favourite waifus of the Fall 2018 anime season! Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list and doesn’t include waifus from shows I didn’t watch or shows I dropped. However the girls included are being judged on their own merits, and not the quality of show that they come from. Even a mediocre show can have a top tier waifu! With that out of the way let’s take a look at my 10 Best Waifu’s of Fall 2018 Anime!

~Number 10~
Belphegor from ‘As Miss Beezlebub Likes’

There aren’t enough good pics of her on the internet. #justsayin

There’s so much to like about this girl, from her cute squat face and large eyes, ever-midriff exposed work outfit and high-pitched mousey voice, oh and the way she needs to pee whenever she’s around good-looking men? Wait, have I already made this list weird? Oops~!

~Number 9~
Kocho Wan and Teria Wan from ‘Boarding School Juliet’

Kocho on the left, Teria on the right.

Is it cheating to pick twins? Probably, but it’s my list and I’ll do what I want! From the moment these two burst onto the screen it was love at first sight! Not for the protagonist of the show of course, but for me! One is shy and quiet, the other is loud and adventurous but they both have a shared loneliness that’s endearing, as is their intelligence and obviously they’re adorable as heck!

~Number 8~
Cow Girl from ‘Goblin Slayer’

I mean, this didn’t need to be a gif but since I found it…

This udderly beautiful girl knows how to get my heart churning, looking into her cute face is like living in a land of milk and honey. She really mooves me whenever I see her body, like holy cow! (See what I did there?)

~Number 7~
Hinata Natsuki from ‘Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood.’


“And your little dog too!”

In a show full of cute vampires (okay two) its always a surprise when the most normal character in the cast steals my heart. Hinata’s just a caring, compassionate soul plus her unrequited mega girlcrush on Akari is just too adorable to watch!

~Number 6~
Ahegao W Peace-sensei from ‘My Sister, My Writer’

Never change.

I always thought it was ‘Ahegao Double Peace-sensei’ I mean that’s what the subtitles say but every site says ‘W’ is her middle name? Well whatever, there’s no denying I do love a female pervert and I doubt you’ll find a pervert more perverted than Double Peace (still calling her that). Any girl who can draw the kind of smut she can, get dressed up in lewd costumes and so confidently endorse her favourite type of controversial hentai (rape) with that endearing smile and semi-broken Japanese is a winner in my books.

~Number 5~
Momo Minamoto from ‘Release The Spyce’

She can “take me out” any day…

Its rare in an ensemble show (especially CGDCT) that the main girl is best girl, and yet here we are! Maybe it’s because she (visually) reminds me of Akari from ‘Yuru Yuri’ that I find her so immediately endearing or maybe it’s just because she’s a badass fighter spy who’s still on occasion prone to panic in the cutest way that makes me love her presence on screen so much.

~Number 4~
Yuu Koito from ‘Bloom Into You’

I like this expression for some reason.

Yuu starts off the series as kind of a blank slate of a character, she has some personality but her inability to love put (for me at least) a distance between forming a connection with her. But as she began to open up her heart for Touko, the girl she’s slowly falling in love with so too did I fall in love with her. She’s not the prettiest or most charismatic or even the most likeable at times–but she is undoubtedly, perfectly Yuu.

~Number 3~
Kotetsu Tatejima from ‘Anima Yell!’

Sadly there aren’t many ‘non-shocked/scared’ pics of Kotetsu that show her cute fang.

It’s very rare that a ‘single fang girl’ ever becomes my best girl from any given show. Often times their personalities are too over-bearing to be the ‘best in show’. So imagine my surprise when we have a ‘single fang girl’ who’s shy and stuttery and self-concious about her “strong” sounding name. Not only does it make for a good contrast from the usual type of girl who rocks the single fang, but even without it she’d still be my favourite character, not only for the reasons mentioned above but also because of her honesty which can be brutal at times!

~Number 2~
Shion from ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’

Shion’s the one on top… ahem…

Usually I like to have these lists out at about Week 9 in any given season, by then I’ve ~usually~ got a grasp on who is best girl and who isn’t. But at Week 9 Shion had only just made her first appearance in the show! Obviously it was ‘love at first sight’ but I felt I needed to be sure, and surely enough every week I got more and more enamoured with her until I was absolutely certain she deserved the Number 2 spot on the list. What’s there to say about her than what’s immediately obvious, she’s a busty ogre with a fun personality who’s got the secretary-chic look nailed. Perfection.

~Honourable Mention~
Tokiyo Himote from ‘Himote House’

very late addition to the list (as I only started watching this anime last week) but I wish I had started it with the rest of the shows at the start of the season because I adore it. Episode 1, “Who’s my best girl?” the irlwaifu asks, me: “The weird hippy chick who talks slow!” Irlwaifu: “Ugh, she’s the worst one!” Me: “I know, isn’t she wonderful!” 10 Episodes later and I’m even more enamoured, but I’ve relagated her to an honourable mention for a couple of reasons. #1 She gets the least amount of screen-time so I don’t know all that much about her, #2 I swear her voice actress changed in Episode 8 and I prefer the new one but I can’t find any information to confirm that fact. And #3 she is absolutely not the kind of girl I would like in real life, but I dunno… there’s just something about her that draws me in despite myself…

~Number 1~
Mai Sakurajima from ‘Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai’

Is this image too large? The answer is a resounding: NO.

Oh, hey look it’s the most normal and predictable choice for a best girl all season! Who could have possibly seen this coming?! Yeah, at this point its something of a foregone conclusion that most people love the titular ‘Bunny Girl Senpai’ but it’s not like its without good reason. She is one of the most beautiful, intelligent, charismatic and all-round magnificent creatures the world of anime has ever gifted us. We are not worthy to behold her and yet we do, humbled are we before the majesty that is Mai.


And there are my picks for Fall 2018’s best anime waifus (from the shows I watched), agree, disagree? Leave a comment below with your favourites and thanks for reading!

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