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Sis-Confession – ‘My Sister, My Writer’ Episode 10 (Finale) Review

Sis-Confession - An Anime QandA Review of 'My Sister, My Writer' Episode 10 (Finale)

What’s the show? My Sister, My Writer. Episode 10 (Finale).

So how’s this episode? Oh boy, here we are at the final episode of ‘My Sister, My Writer’… I swear it was touch and go for a while there, I didn’t think we’d make it! So, how’s this episode you ask… well it starts off with a solid 10 or so minutes where the animation and art is among the best and most consistent it’s been–which if you’re like me and have been watching the show not just to make fun of it–was a good feeling. I mean hey, the show’s finally come good in the 11th hour, let’s give it a round of applause. Alas, that feeling doesn’t last…

Oh dear. Before I go into what went wrong with this episode I’ll at least set the scene first. So after Suzuka runs off after witnessing Sakura confess her feelings to Yu she ends up in a hedge maze garden-thing and reminisces about a similar time when she was young and did the same, only for her brother to come find her. History repeats and Yu finds her again and decides it’s time to confess his ~true~ feelings. Not about her, but rather his feelings for brother x sister romance in fiction–turns out he loves it and always has but has kept as much secret out of not wanting to alienate his real life sister and put a strain on their relationship.

Hey look, the show can look good sometimes! Just don’t get used to it…

So he’s into fictional sibling lover but she loves her real life sibling. Correct. And I like the idea of this, that the reason he’s been so nervous and awkward about his sister having written a best-selling siscon romance isn’t because he’s ~secretly in love with his blood sister~ but just that he likes siscon light novels and anime but is too afraid to admit the fact because he has a real life sister himself. That’s a relatable stance, after all I have a real life sister and love siscon anime but I want nothing to do with my real sister.

The “debate” they have was pretty well animated too, until it wasn’t.

Uh-huh, thanks for clearing that up… so you said something about the animation taking a dip after the first part? How bad does it get?! Why do I get the feeling you’re relishing this? While it doesn’t quite dip as far as Episode 9 did, it’s still pretty bad. I’d say its perplexing how the first 10 or so minutes looks so great and the rest not so much but I think it’s clear now that the important “confession” scene was handled in-house at a reasonable production pace and the rest of the episode was either rushed or completely outsourced to meet the episode airing deadline.

In any given crowd scene Ahaego Double Peace always ends up looking the best, which I appreciate.

And what about the plot of the episode (aside from the relationship between Yu and Suzuka) didn’t that have something to do with the anime adaptation of Suzuka’s book being re-written by an over-zealous director who thought Yu didn’t understand “little sister moe” enough? Wow you have been paying attention! Yes, and we get the reason for the director’s outburst in Episode 8. Turns out he’s Sakura’s brother meaning that the “creepy sister obsessed brother” that Sakura spoke of and was the reason for her running away from home is the director. Turns out he was jealous of Yu for having such a close relationship with his own sister and decided to make trouble for him because of it. But as soon as Sakura shows up in the meeting room and tells off her brother the situation is resolved! As far as this being a final episode and a resolution to a multiple arc story it falls pretty flat, but then again it’s certainly not helped by the fact that as this meeting scene goes along the animation continually deteriorates.

Just a bunch of normal faces, nothing to see here!

So overall thoughts on the finale? The first half was undoubtedly stronger than the second both in regard to story and animation quality. Overall I think the story was kind of weak but ultimately it was the characters that had me coming back week after week and they were still quite good in the finale too–even if there was too much of a focus on the main pairing for my liking.

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