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Painted Into A Corner – ‘Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur’ Episode 5 Review

Painted Into A Corner - An Anime QandA Review of 'Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur' Episode 5

What’s the show? Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur, Episode 5.

So how’s this episode? So as you may recall, Episode 3 focused on a character I said I had “little to no interest” in, that being Kakka Arthur. So imagine my disappointment when we’ve seemingly got another episode about him and it’s only Episode 5!

Oh dear. Turns out there’s one way to make me be interested in a (male) character though–as I found out with this episode.

Oh? And what’s that (dare I ask)? Have them act like a female character for most of the episode. Whole nine yard; clothes, make-up, fake boobs–wonderful!

Yes! Just like this, ahem…

Uh-huh… any particular reason why? Of course, Kakka heads off on his own to prove that he’s capable of hunting down Arthur’s and destroying their Excalibur’s solo, but runs into a problem when the Excalibur is located in an all girls high school. Luckily Dancho is nearby and offers some assistance, dressing him up as a ~bishojou~ school girl! Kakka quickly becomes a hot commodity for his looks and voice and courts the attention of the art club who get him to pose for their “art” in increasingly more provocative outfits until he decides he’s had enough and attempts to escape! Turns out the president of the club is an Arthur, and with her paintbrush excalibur captures him and locks him away to be used as a model for her ‘lewd’ artworks! The climax of which is him being “assaulted” by two women dressed as handsome men while the club excitedly captures the moment on canvas.


This has “problematic” written all over it! It’s ~fine~. I mean it’s okay when a male character is getting objectified and put in increasingly sexual situations, right?

Wait, what kind of argument are you trying to make? I’m not trying to make any argument, you know I’m just about the least qualified person to talk about sexism in anime, for or against and regardless of the gender of the people involved!

You could say our villain of the week is a bit obsessed. But no more than most people who are into anime.

Then why bring it up at all? Seemed like something I should at least give it a passing mention. Anyway, Dancho saves the day (I loved how she defeats the Arthur in literally half a second) and everything’s back to normal. Well except that the ‘lewd’ art she painted of Kakka and the two girls dressed as boys didn’t go away when the Excalibur paintbrush was destroyed and she entered it in a competition and it won first place–much to Kakka’s horror!

Must have been weak competition.

Anything else you wanted to add? Despite what I said about me being more interested in this episode than episode 3 because Kakka was dressed as a girl, I think this may have been the weakest episode. It was certainly funny and very “low-stakes” compared to previous weeks, which makes for a nice change of pace but I don’t know… I didn’t really connect to it like I did with other episodes. I’m hoping it’s just a one off feeling and I get back on board with it 100% because I really like this show!

Just Dancho being Dancho.

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