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The 12 Days Of Ecchmas – First Day

On the first day of Ecchmas my senpai gave to me...

♫ On first day of Ecchmas my senpai gave to me… ♫

A waifu in her lingerie!

I’ll be posting a new part of the ’12 Days Of Ecchmas’ song, every day leading up ’til Christmas so look forward to that!

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10 comments on “The 12 Days Of Ecchmas – First Day

  1. Waifus: good.
    Lingerie: GOOOOOOD.
    I’ll be in my bunk.

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  2. God I fucking can’t wait till To Love Ru gets its English dub. I tried watching in subbed, but there is just something about harem/ecchi works that make English the better way to watch. Sentai Filmworks is always good at delivering a rock solid dub when it comes to harems anyway.

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    • Have to personally disagree I adore To Love Ru (and specifically To Love Ru Darkness) and can’t imagine watching it any other way. But if it means the show finds a larger audience because of it then I’m all for it. Plus I’d love to be able to see the OVA’s (which this scene comes from and which are all canon) be put into HD. I presume Sentai will dub the OVA’s too. If they don’t then they are mad because some of the best and most important scenes of the whole series are in the OVA’s.

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    • Though one thing I will concede is Sentai is better at dubbing harem/ecchi than Funimation…

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