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Keeping Face – ‘My Sister, My Writer’ Episode 9 Review

Keeping Face - An Anime QandA Review of 'My Sister, My Writer' Episode 9

Warning: This review contains some nudity/NSFW imagery.

What’s the show? My Sister, My Writer. Episode 9.

So how’s this episode? Remember last week when I heaped some praise upon this show for looking like a decent anime again?

Oh boy… I know where this is headed… Yeah, it’s back to looking pretty terrible again. And like I said in the episode 7 review, I’m not going to start shit-talking the animation because I do genuinely feel sorry for the animators in their poor working conditions (on this show in particular) but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention it. Is this the worst the show has looked? Unfortunately, yes. But I’m going to leave it at that and talk about the plot and the characters and anything other than the animation.


Okay, good for you, take the moral high-ground! But it’s really hard not to mention it you know? Like seeing how good the show looks in the credits, and how decent it looked in Episode 1 and last week its just so disheartening to not being able to get the proper experience of this show. I mean maybe they’ll fix things for the blu-ray they have delayed its release by two months after all so that might be a good sign? But for a seasonal watcher like me that’s kind of too-little, too-late.

Omg, Sakura looks like the girl from Sleepaway Camp.

Well do you want to explain why you feel the need to talk about it more than you already have? It’s because unlike say a comedy (like Teekyu, which has purposefully inconsistent animation and has off-model characters every second) where being off-model and weird-looking can be a joke in-of-itself, here characters are trying to emote and have scenes where they’re conveying things with more than just words but I don’t know what the tone of the scene is because their faces are so messed up. There’s a scene on a Ferris Wheel between Yuu and Suzuha, and it took me more than half through the scene to realise that Yuu was supposed to be flustered and anxious in the scene and not excited eager and excited because Yuu’s face is just kind of has a blank expression and is looking directly into the ‘camera’. It’s so unbelievably off-putting, not to mention just ruins any kind of investment in the scene.

This is his ‘flustered’ face…

And I’m guessing it’s not just relegated to that scene, huh? Nope, nearly every scene is affected and removes all the nuance from character moments because you can no longer rely on facial expressions to convey emotion. It’s like talking to a someone who’s had too much plastic surgery and can’t emote, except their face randomly goes off-model every time you see them.

No seriously, WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

Yikes. So uhh, is there anything good you can say about this episode? There is but it’s buried beneath all the bad animation and character art. Umm, so the backgrounds look impeccable, the theme park (which I think is modeled after the one in Yokohama) looks fantastic, it gave me nostalgia just looking at it. Ahaego Double Peace sensei is an undoubted highlight as she goes full “loli-dere”, sits on Yuu’s lap and fellates a churro. And even the ending scene, where Sakura confides in Suzuha about her own sis-con older brother and his creepy ways and the way that his book helped her understand that not all brother-sister relationships have to be like that, was genuinely interesting! And then she confesses her love to him and Suzuka overhears it and runs away, sure its contrived but it’s interesting character drama and I like it all, it’s just packaged in such an unfortunately poor way.

They nailed this animation, wonder why…


So you’re conflicted then, huh? Pretty much. I mean this show was never going to be able to compete with the likes of genre giants such as ‘Eromanga-sensei’ and ‘A Sister’s All You Need’ but if the production company had given the time and money and care to the show that all anime deserves then it least could be something I could recommend. I said earlier in the review that I probably wouldn’t look at the blu-ray to see if the issues were fixed but I take that back, I will because there is a good show hidden beneath the mountain of production-related animation issues. I believe that much to be true.

This flashback was genuinely creepy, I did feel sorry for Sakura.

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