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A tag by Merlin's Musings about Picking Your Harem Favourites

So some of you may remember I made a ‘Build A Harem‘ tag back in June, many of you even participated in it (thanks again for everyone who did!) but a month later the blog Merlin’s Musings created sort of a spin-off tag called ‘Pick Your Harem Favorites‘ (sorry I’ll be spelling it with a ‘u’ from here on out, that’s just how we do in Australia!). The gist of this tag was doing what most harem anime refuse to do, that being picking just one to start a relationship with! Now me being, forgetful and just generally terrible, I forgot that Merlin tagged me to do it, so here we are 5 months later with the reply!

Pick Your Harem Favorites.

The idea, and the rules, are simple:

1) Thank whoever tags you.

2) Pick 3 – 5 anime with existing harems, or reverse-harems, in them.

3) Choose your favorite, the one you would choose if you were the lead character. Explain why, as much as you want to.

4) Tag around 5 friends.

So obviously a thank you (and sorry for the lateness) to Merlin’s Musings for tagging me to do this! Let’s get this started!

~The Testament Of Sister New Devil series~


From left to right: Maria, Mio, Zest, Yuki and Kurumi.

Things get hot and steamy on a regular basis in ‘The Testament of Sister New Devil’ series but ignoring the why and instead focusing on the who there’s a lot of solid candidates for who to ‘settle-down’ with. Main girl Mio is an obvious choice, but too obvious for me–plus her jealous streak and violent tendencies are something of a turn-off. Maria, while being a loli succubus, is probably the one least likely to make waifu material. Yuki is a solid contender and out of the main three the best option–however, I set my sights a little further afield to the newcomer introduced at the end of season 1.

Zest is a sexy demon woman with a tortured backstory, she’s had a hard life and deserves a little tender, loving care–she’s also got the most even temperament of any of the female characters and she’s got a sultry voice to boot. Zest might be the outsiders pick but she’s the pick for me!

Zest has defeated my heart.

~Haganai series~

From left to right: Kobato, Rika, Yozora, Sena, Yukimura and Maria.

When it comes to dealing with people’s feelings things get complicated quickly, when dealing with a harem that involves childhood friends and all manner of other emotional connections it only gets harder. I fell hard for these girls, they felt like they’d become friends of mine too but there was only one girl who captured my head as much as my heart.

Rika Shiguma–she’s a genius scientist with a perverted streak a mile wide plus if we’re playing the ‘how to remain friends with every girl in the harem while dating one’ Rika is kind of the only logical choice. I mean if you date Yozora, Sena will be depressed and if you date Sena, Yozora will never speak to you again. Besides, anyone that tries that hard to get them to notice you is a catch in my book.

She looks better with the glasses on and hair up, tbh.

~Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls~

Clockwise from the top: Rachnera, Suu, Papi, Miia, Centorea and Mero.

As if I’m going to make a post about harems without including Monster Musume. I love the series, though it does present one with a more ~unique~ problem than any other harem on this list… having sex with which girl counts as bestiality the most. Because if possible I’d like to avoid sticking it in anything that too closely resembles an animal. Miia is a lamia but where does the human part end and snake part begin? Centorea, well it’s straight up horse back there so that’s a no-go (not kink shaming if you’re into that though!) Not to be too graphic but Suu is a slime so she’s basically a walking onahole, which doesn’t sound half bad but I’m more worried about suffocating if she’s on top. Rachnera is too big for things to really work logistically and Mero is garbage tier waifu anyway.

That leaves only one option, Papi the happy harpy! Not only is she always energetic and upbeat, she’s also got the most human-body out of any of the girls. Oh no, did I just discriminate against all the others because of the races? Am I monster girl racist?!

Good thing I don’t have a foot fetish!

~The Grisaia series~

From left to right: Amane, Makina, Sachi, Michiru and Yumiko.

Note: We’re strictly talking the anime series here, not the visual novels, there may be a better choice given the near hundreds of hours of gameplay the the multiple games offer but I’m only picking from the anime as that’s all I’ve seen.

As far as the ‘overall’ package is concerned Amane has always been my pick, none of the other girls really stood a chance, well except Kazuki (not pictured) but that’s his sister and while our protagonist Yuji might be willing to ~go there~, I think I’ll stick to the non-related options of this particular harem!

Don’t pout, I picked you!

~To Love-Ru series~

Nana, Mea, Mikan, Celine, Lala, Yui, Haruna, Momo and Yami. (And this isn’t even everyone ~technically~ in the harem!)

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Here we are, my favourite harem series (specifically To Love-Ru Darkness season 1 and 2). Why is it my favourite? Well among many other things, it’s probably the only series where every single girl in the main cast is a viable best girl candidate, this series’ characterisation of every girl is flawless even down to some of the oft-seen side characters. That said, the choice was never really that difficult, what did make it difficult was trying to pick whether, I’d go for ‘the kindest option’, ‘the most fun option’ or ‘the biased option’. I went with, as I do with most things in life, ‘the biased option’, what I mean by that and the other options I’ll explain.

Obviously the kindest option is to pick Haruna, she’s the one who Rito (our protagonist) has known the longest and has the deepest connection to, she’s also the one most likely to get heart-broken if I picked someone else. The most fun option would be Momo, she’s (arguably) the most sexually adventurous, though her more shy side is extremely endearing too, she also is the one who pushes the idea of a harem so heavily and To Love-Ru is one of the rare shows where the harem option is the best option since every girl brings so much worth to the series. But I am a biased man and so the biased option is simply the girl I think is best of the best and that’s Yui Kotegawa. Yes, that’s right, my best girl in one of the raunchiest, light-hearted and fan-service heavy series of all time is the uptight, tsundere on the school disciplinary committee who hates anything perverted. What can I say, she just pushes all my buttons? Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason why someone is a best girl, they just are!

Best of the best!

And that’s that! Hopefully I didn’t creep out too many people with that Monster Musume discussion, ahem! Also, sorry if you thought I’d be talking about ‘How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord’ because of the gif I chose for the ‘featured image’, there’d be nothing to discuss, it’s Shera. Anyway, I’m supposed to tag 5 people to do this thing as well but I think I’ll settle on 3 just because I don’t know how many of my readers watch enough harems to be able to do a post like this.

My nominees (and no obligation to participate if you don’t want to) are:

MoeGamer (feel free to make this about Visual Novels!)

That’s all for now, once again thanks to Merlin’s Musings for making this tag and I hope you all enjoyed reading this!

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13 comments on “My Harem Favourites

  1. Your mention of Shinmai fills me with such unyielding rage.

    Also is Griasia any good as a harem series?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Looks like none of my choices lined up with yours!
    Interesting choices all the same, can’t really go wrong with most of the girls I think.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are great choices, and the only ones that don’t align with my own preferences (you even chose Correct Grisaia Waifu) are those from anime I haven’t seen. Given the rest of the list, though, I need to push Testament of Sister New Devil and Haganai up my priority list!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You know life has gotten busy when you don’t even notice when someone responds to your tag for awhile! 😛

    Excellent picks, I must say! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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