Fall 2018 Anime

Watched But Not Reviewed (Fall 2018 Week 8)

A Rundown of the anime I watched but didn't review in Week 8 of Fall 2018

Because this season I’m watching more shows but reviewing less of them week-to-week I figured it’d make sense to at least let you all keep tabs on my brief thoughts on each episode. Just because a show is here doesn’t mean it’s any less good than any other show, it just means I didn’t have enough to say about it to justify a full review! Also, I’ll try and refrain from spoilers where possible but will give warning if I do need to post a spoiler.

Week 8

Goblin Slayer (Episode 8)

In theory this episode oughta have been right up my alley (or at least adjacent to said alley) what with the low-key slice of life shenanigans such as Goblin Slayer getting ice cream with Priestess and fixing armour and what not. But I just really don’t care, not even Goblin Slayer in bed with two naked women and a face reveal could muster much interest from me. I wasn’t bored by the episode, but nor was I particularly interested–it’s become increasingly clear that I just don’t care about anything much this show does and am now just running down the clock ’til its finished–not long now.

Is it cold in here?

Space Battleship Tiramisu Zwei (Episode 9)

This episode was a bit of a mixed bag, there were a lot of funny moments but likewise a lot of moments that fell flat. Though the stuff with the “haunted” area of space they were in, not only delivered the laughs but also felt genuinely creepy too–so kudos for that!

Nobody likes a spook.

Banana Fish (Episode 21)

More than any episode before the “formula” of this show felt especially apparent. By which I mean it seems like someone close to Ash (or Ash himself) gets kidnapped by bad guys, they kill and escape the bad guys, they hide out for a bit then rinse and repeat just with badder bad guys. It’s a shame because other than the tired repetitiveness of that set-up this was a pretty tense and exciting episode.

It me.

Ms. vampire who lives in my neighbourhood. (Episode 8)

The first half of this episode was a little bit dull–the whole “trying to do Summer break homework/don’t want to do Summer break homework” thing has been done before and done better. Though things pick up drastically in the second half as they visit my favourite place on Earth (Akihabara) and take in the otaku sights, shop for manga, play arcade games and visit a maid cafe–it’s all lovingly recreated and reverently presented and I was grinning the entire time!


Boarding School Juliet (Episode 8)

New characters! Twin Chinese loli prefects Kocho and Teria and unsurprisingly they are adorable–what is surprising is how much I felt for their sad story of having know friends (I can relate, after all). There was a lot of really fun–and silly–moments in this episode and even though I think they shortchanged the Romio x Juliet moments in favour of prioritising the new characters it was still a great episode!

Double head pats, too lewd!

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san (Episode 8)

As I mentioned in my previous mini-review of this I prefer the show when it focuses on the customer service aspect of the job and boy did they make up for it in this episode! Particular highlights were the “dealing with kids” moment, the father-son Naruto fans from Texas and the “draw me as Koala” part which all had me laughing out loud.

Filthy normies…

As Miss Beezlebub Likes (Episode 8)

Once again another episode that plays to the show’s strengths by utilising the much stronger ensemble cast over its two lacklustre mains (I promise I’ll stop complaining about the main characters on this show one day). The scenes at the Gossomer colab cafe were adorable and surprisingly relatable and now I totally ship Azazel and Sargatanas now… Oh and the second half of the episode is all about Beezlebub and best girl Belphegor (Gocchin) trying on bikins… so you know, paradise for this pervert! Seriously though, I never thought I’d like this show so much given how “meh” I was on the first few episodes but here we are!

And it was!

Zombie Land Saga (Dropped At Episode 2)

The Girl In Twilight (Dropped At Episode 4)


And that’s the week of anime I’m calling ‘Week 8’ if you have any more questions about these episodes and specific thoughts I had on specific scenes, leave me a comment below!

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