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Lewding From The Heart – ‘My Sister, My Writer’ Episode 7 Review

Lewding From The Heart - An Anime QandA Review of 'My Sister, My Writer' Episode 7

What’s the show? My Sister, My Writer. Episode 7.

So how’s this episode? So here’s the thing, the show took a week off last week for “production issues” which given how the animation has deteriorated week-to-week isn’t surprising in the slightest. But rather than sit here and make fun of the fact that even with a week off this episode looks even worse than some of the previous ones I’m instead just going to review the content of the show.

Here’s the most detailed shot of the episode.

Why’s that? Because the animators working on this are having a hard time, the studio rushed this show into production with half the amount of time a show normally gets to prepare and the animators haven’t been paid for their work and are going to sue the production company to get their recompense. I feel bad for these guys–nobody should have to work under such conditions and therefore I’m refusing to make fun of the bad animation from here on out!

must… resist… making fun… of bad… art!

Fair enough, so how’s this episode anyway? It starts off a bit slow for my liking–plus there’s the oldest cliche in anime with Suzuka getting sick on the day of their deadline for writing the doujinshi for the competition. With Suzuka out of commission it’s up to Yu to pick up the slack and write the doujin himself! The episode picks up when best girl Ahegao Double Peace Sensei stops by and there’s a nice little scene where she explains that despite his wishes for something more “vanilla” in the illustration department she can’t because she can only draw what she likes and what she likes is lewd eroticism!


Of course she does. So how about this competition? Well with their doujin complete they head to Comiket to compete against the doujin written by Double Peace Sensei’s rival–the sister duo known as ‘Ambivalence’. Things are looking bad for Yu and the others as ‘Ambivalence’–despite being against erotic doujin–have written one for the sake of the contest and this sparks interest from the Comiket fans who swarm to buy their book. But words spread of the overall quality of the artwork in the one drawn by Double Peace Sensei and the reviews are too positive even for their rivals to ignore! Yu and Double Peace win the contest!

You just noticed?!

Yay? Yeah, I mean as much as I enjoyed all the talk of doujin’s and what not this was a pretty empty episode. Only Double Peace Sensei’s scenes carried any interest for me, the rest kind of fell flat. And plus the show didn’t even bother to show or even mention what Yu and Double Peace Sensei’s doujin was about! Not even a passing word to its theme or setting or content, which was annoying. The most we got was Suzuka’s reaction to it as she read it on the train leaving the event and with how easily she flusters it could have been just about anything! I don’t hate this show, in fact sometimes I even like it–sure the brother/sister incest is the ~least~ interesting thing about the show which is a serious problem but it still entertains me week after week and not just ironically either.

*slightly smiley face*

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