Fall 2018 Anime Untold Questions

Arthifis’ Fall 2018 Anime Guide

A post about fellow anime blogger Arthifis, and his 'Ultimate Guide Anime 2018 Fall Season'

So, you all know Arthifis, right? He is an anime blogger, like me, except Arthifis has done something pretty special–he’s written a guide to the Fall 2018 season, and a comprehensive and very professional looking one at that! What’s the guide about? Well as you would presume it’s about the Fall 2018 anime season and acts as a sort of ‘beginners guide’ giving readers an idea about what they can expect from each of the shows (based on the first few episodes of each)! Unsurprisingly I don’t agree with a lot of the opinions contained therein–but I’m a weird guy with weird tastes, so that’s hardly a slight against his guide! After all I’d rather watch a hundred episodes of ‘My Sister, My Writer‘ than bother with the likes of ‘Zombie Land Saga’ again– but clearly Arthifis thought otherwise! Can you imagine if I wrote a guide like this? It’d be the worst thing ever, anime would be ranked about how much nipple they show rather than theย actual quality of the show… but I digress. If you haven’t already give Arthifis’ Fall 2018 Anime Guide a read, it’s well worth your time!

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1 comment on “Arthifis’ Fall 2018 Anime Guide

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! โค

    Ahahah To be honest, I even thought on talking with you when I was doing the My Sister, My Writer review! I don't really like the genre. But, independent of that, I just can't do an extremely good review because I don't know if the Anime, comparing with others inside the genre, is a good one or not ๐Ÿ˜›

    But, yeah, that's why I say in the guide that things that I don't feel interesting may be interesting to other people! We all have different tastes and thank god for that ๐Ÿ˜€ I did try to be the most neutral possible ahah

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