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Kawaii Friends Are Forever – ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 6 Review

Kawaii Friends Are Forever - An Anime QandA Review of 'Release The Spyce' Episode 6

What’s the show? Release The Spyce, Episode

So how’s this episode? After weeks of me complaining about it we ~finally~ get to spend some time with the villains on this show!

Oh good, so you’re happy then? Well~…

Oh dear. What’s wrong with it now? No nothing, well I mean… I think it’s almost too much, like I think there’s moments that could have been spread across earlier episodes to make it a little more balanced, but hey, what do I know!

I’m sure it sounded better in Japanese… maybe.

Care to elaborate? So Moryo the villains organisation has acquired from their traitor in Tsukikage the real life identity of one of their members–Hatsume Aoba (not that Hatsume was the traitor as I erroneously stated in the previous review). With this information they send Theresia Ray to infiltrate Hatsume’s school in order to learn more information about Tsukikage (the other members, the location of their secret headquarters, etc.) But as it turns out Theresia and Hatsume have a history together–back when they were kids, Hatsume temporarily lived in ~generic foreign country~ that Theresia grew up in–she a wealthy daughter of businessman and her a street urchin. Long story short, Hatsume befriended Theresia but then the two of them got kidnapped by child traffickers. They held Hatsume to ransom until her parents paid it but sadly for Theresia she was sold as a child soldier to Moryo and began training under their ruthless tutelage.

I mean, I guess it beats living on the streets and getting beat up.

Child trafficking, huh? Yikes! This show doesn’t shy away from harsh realities or violence towards children, Theresia was shown to have a horrible life, being regularly beaten and that was even before she was kidnapped by child traffickers who treated her even worse.

So is this any good, I mean you seemingly had some gripes before. It’s interesting and even occasionally compelling, and it was nice to tie a villains backstory into that of one of our protagonists, but then they also have a bit of backstory for Byakko–the Moryo henchwoman who’s been held at Tsukikage’s facility and while that’s nice too it did seem like they were trying too hard to tie all these characters to Hatsume through “the power of friendship”.

I mean I’m glad they Stockholm Syndrome’d this vicious attack loli with cakes and deserts, better on the side of the good guys after all.

Anything else to add? And if that wasn’t enough villainous content we also got an ending scene involving the head of Moryo ‘Sparrow Woman’ straight up executing a bunch of dudes in suits (I’m not sure if I was supposed to remember who they were but I didn’t) in a cool and bloody massacre with her samurai sword.

Brutal AF.

So you liked the episode then? Yes.

Then why make it sound like this episode had problems? I just think either the scene with Byakko or ‘Sparrow Woman’ would have felt more ~natural~ earlier on, but I get what they were going for. I don’t know, my thoughts are probably a bit scattered here. Let’s just say the episode was very good and leave it at that!

Meanwhile Momo just licking fools left and right.

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