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A Sister’s All You Nude – ‘My Sister, My Writer’ Episode 5 Review

A Sister's All You Nude - An Anime QandA Review of 'My Sister, My Writer' Episode 5

Warning: This review contains NSFW imagery/nudity.

What’s the show? My Sister, My Writer. Episode 5.

So how’s this episode? It’s a beach episode! And a really good one at that… well by really good I mean good for this show. I’ve said several times in past reviews that this show saves its best of its animation for the fan service scenes so it stands to reason that this is probably the best this show has looked since Episode 1 (opening scenes on the train to the beach not withstanding)!

Don’t worry, it’s only sun-tan lotion…

Uh-huh, ‘made by perverts for perverts’. I get the idea. So dare I ask what kind of ~shenanigans~ do they get up to in this episode? The usual harem-y tropes, bikini shots, ample jiggling, applying sun-tan lotion to bare backs. It’s a lot of predictable fun that doesn’t stray too far from the formula. But the bulk of the fan service comes from after the sun-tan lotion scene as Yuu accidentally spills too much on her and so she has to go take a shower in Mai’s nearby beach house. Mai forgets her bag (which has her change of clothes) so Yuu goes after her and ends up walking in on her in the shower and well, hello uncensored AT-X version!

I don’t know how people manage to capture these “nude stitches” as they’re called but I sure do appreciate them!

You’re almost as shameless as this show, you know that? Hey, I know what I like and I like this!

Tch. So any ~actual~ plot happen in this episode? Yes, in fact. Mai is insistent on finding out Yuu’s secret and as we find out the reason she’s been so gung-ho about it is because she has a new editor who has been pretty ruthless about her light novels–most specifically her protagonists–and Mai is worried that if she doesn’t improve she’ll lose out on the planned anime adaptation of her books. So basically Mai wants to know how Yuu is so good at what he does, how we writes such convincing and strong protagonists so she can improve her own writing too!

Mai’s yukata game is strong. 

But he’s not writing the books, his sister is. So how does he worm his way out of that situation? Well he asks his sister the very question Mai was asking him–how does she write characters so well and she replies somewhat honestly (though misconstrued by Yuu) that she “embodies” the protagonist–that of a girl madly in love with her brother–and it’s that devotion to “being” the character that helps her write so well. So Yuu decides to take this on-board, he ~confesses~ his love to his sister (his way of getting into the mind of the male protagonist of the literary series) and tells Mai to do the same with her book. Let’s just hope she’s not writing a serial killer novel otherwise this show would take a dark turn!

He’s handsome when he’s determined, also when his face isn’t melting due to mediocre animation.

Anything else? There’s also the standard Summer traditions like a festival with food stalls and games and the girls in yukata’s and fireworks. It doesn’t break the mould but it’s at least entertaining and that’s honestly all I need from this show–that and the nipples. Gotta have them nipples!

Did someone say nipples?!

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  1. When I first saw this post, I leaked an indescribable inhuman sound…

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  2. Man, if I had known we were allowed to put up saucy pictures I would have done so a long time ago haha

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