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The Ever Watchful Gardener – ‘Bloom Into You’ Episode 4 Review

The Ever Watchful Gardener - An Anime QandA Review of 'Bloom Into You' Episode 4

What’s the show? Bloom Into You, Episode 4.

So how’s this episode? More of the same—which is absolutely a good thing as I do love this show. Though we are introduced to an interesting new side character that at first seems to be threatening the balance of our protagonist’s precarious secret love, but actually ends up being a different kind of addition to the show’s dynamic.

Oh yeah? And who’s that? Seiji Maki, a first year high school boy and new addition to the student council. He happens to inadvertently witness a secret kiss between Yuu and Touko.

Looks like she’s about to eat her nevermind kiss her.

And what does he do with that ~juicy information~? He talks to Yuu about it, in a rather straightforward matter too—and he’s not there to blackmail her or anything like that his interest in the two of them is ‘innocently voyeuristic’.

What’s that supposed to mean? He is someone that, despite having been an ear to talk to for many a girl for relationship advice, isn’t interested in being in a relationship himself. He’s content to watch the love lives of others from the sidelines and revel in other people’s happiness—and with Yuu and Touko he has found a unique “story” as he likes to call it—unique because no one else knows about it and it’s just for him to “observe”.

He’s either completely innocent or a closet serial killer.

That’s kind of creepy sounding… I guess so, though there’s no perversion or threat in the way he talks about it though. He’s just another person who experiences love differently; there are a lot of parallels between him and Yuu. Both of them have an inability to process feelings of love in a conventional way, it’s just while Yuu desperately wants to feel the feelings she’s read about in shoujo manga herself, Maki is perfectly content in watching and not participating.

When you try to offer a treat but she don’t want the treat.

Well okay, if you say so. So what about our main couple? How are they progressing? Slowly. As mentioned before Touko asks Yuu if she can kiss her and her reaction is… well typical of Yuu. It’s a kind of weird, kind of sweet scene that makes this love story all the more interesting from the usual but it’s in the later scene when Yuu is talking to Maki that we see a real bit of progress. When Maki reveals that he saw them kiss Yuu’s first reaction is fear, a fear that the word will get out to the school population and ruin Touko’s reputation. Maki promises never to speak a word of it to anyone else, not even Touko, but Maki observes that he’s surprised she leapt to her defence so quickly and that she “must really like her” if her first thought was of protecting Touko.

Anime characters love to point, don’t they?

Ah, so there is something there then, a glimmer of hope for Yuu and Touko yet? A bud, waiting to bloom you could say…

I could say that but that’d be trite. Geez, you’re such a tsun…

Don’t call me that. So overall thoughts? It’s still slow going but I’m enjoying every minute of this sweet and unusual romance!

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2 comments on “The Ever Watchful Gardener – ‘Bloom Into You’ Episode 4 Review

  1. You point out the similarities between Yuu and Maki, and I wanted to make another point about that: It’s not that Yuu and Maki aren’t interested in relationships. It’s that they hadn’t found the relationship they were interested in yet. We know this story is about Yuu actually finding that relationship and becoming enmeshed in it. Maki speaking so definitively about his own disinterest in relationships is another example of teenage hubris. It’s interesting that he is portrayed as the one who friend-zones his potential relationships, although it’s kind of turning that “nice guy” trope on its head to have the listening friend become the person who is asked, rather than being the person who asks for the relationship.

    We’ll see if the show actually does anything with Maki now that he’s found out about Yuu and Touko. I don’t really recall anything in the manga ever actually coming of it, but I could be just not remembering it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, that’s something I was slightly confused about when watching this (my memory of the manga is slightly hazy+ I’ve only read 3 volumes due to laziness). I was like, does Maki actually contribute anything to the overarching narrative or is he just one of those peripheral side characters? Hence why my review reads like I don’t know because I honestly couldn’t remember his purpose to this story!


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