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Maid Back Camp – ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 2 Review

Maid Back Camp - An Anime QandA Review of 'UzaMaid!' Episode 2

So what’s the show? UzaMaid! Episode 2.

So what happens in this episode? This show begins to dial down the comedy and dial up the heart which was both unexpected but kind of needed given its premise.

Oh? I thought you were all aboard for subversive lolicon shenanigans? I was, and still am—nothing’s changed in that regard. But a show can’t survive on subversive humour alone—well it can—but not if it intends to go the distance and be a noteworthy contribution to the anime landscape.

And how’s that work out for the show, it suddenly having a heart? Eh, I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong, the parts with ‘emotion’ and ‘character development’ are good—I just think it was too much too soon. As if the person writing this was afraid of scaring off too many people too quickly with the actions of the hardcore lolicon protagonist. I could have gone at least 3 episode of ~shenanigans~ and comedy the likes of the previous episode before they went all sensitive and introspective like happened here.


Right, so go through what happens in the episode, for once I’m curious. So our maid Tsubame wants to becomes friends with main loli Misha so she does so in a kind-of smart way, but also predictably creepy way—by basically catfishing Misha in the MMO she plays—pretending to be a fellow elementary school girl with a love for ferrets. And it works for a little while, until Tsubame drops an honorific in chat that gives her identity way. This part of the episode was fun—not especially funny—but still fun! I love the MMO they were playing, it’s basically the most Japanese thing I’ve ever seen where the aim of the game is to shoot people acting inappropriately in society (people being drunk and lewd in public, people not picking up their dog’s poop, etc.) and if you attack them enough they turn into decent, law-abiding citizens.

MMO’s in a single image.

That’s… pretty unique. So what happens after that? Tsubame kidnaps Misha and takes her camping in the mountains—and by kidnapping I mean she got her father’s written permission, but she did take her away while she was sleeping, not ~really~ giving the kid a choice in the matter. But I mean what’s the worse that could happen—the two of them—alone in the woods…

I mean totally innocent face on the maid there…

*gulp* Actually for the rest of the episode things are ~moderately wholesome~ and the feels come in thick and fast as Misha thinks back to her mother on her death bed and the two connect over a shared love of food and the commonality of Tsubame having lost her father at the same age that Misha lost her mother. There’s definitely a different vibe to this half of the episode and the laughs are lot fewer here but that’s presumably the point. When I started this review I was kinda a bit unsure on this episode in my mind because I felt like it was too much heart and backstory too soon, but at the same time it kind of allows them to get away with a lot more craziness going forward—assuming the audience has sided with Tsubame’s intentions. It endeared me to both characters a lot more than I was expecting and I was already sold with whatever this show was going to do so all-in-all things worked out pretty well with the episode!

She’s just a little girl who misses her mother 😥

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1 comment on “Maid Back Camp – ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 2 Review

  1. I thought this hit a nice balance for the second episode. It definitely toned down the creep factor from Tsubame, and also seemed to make clear a few boundaries that she has in her mind towards Misha. I wouldn’t mind the rest of the series to be about this same level.

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