Fall 2018 Anime

Watched But Not Reviewed (Fall 2018 Week 1)

A Rundown of the anime I watched but didn't review in Week 1 of Fall 2018

Because this season I’m watching more shows but reviewing less of them week-to-week I figured it’d make sense to at least let you all keep tabs on my brief thoughts on each episode. Just because a show is here doesn’t mean it’s any less good than any other show, it just means I didn’t have enough to say about it to justify a full review! Also, I’ll try and refrain from spoilers where possible but will give warning if I do need to post a spoiler.

Week 1

Space Battleship Tiramisu Zwei (Episode 1)

More of the same as the first season except it’s set on earth, the scene in the gift shop with Subaru and his brother buying up all the ‘Tiramisu’ merchandise was undoubtedly the highlight of the episode.

I salute you, brave soldier!

Banana Fish (Episode 13)

A tight ending to the first cour of this show, I’ve never been completely happy with this show (but I’ll save those thoughts for a full-season review) but it’s still enjoyable. The New York setting is always worth watching for and this episode was certainly a stand-out in that regard with an exciting (if implausible) fight in a subway carriage that led to a genuinely compelling final confrontation.

Very gritty New York aesthetic, love it!

Ms. vampire who lives in my neighbourhood. (Episode 1)

Oh my god this show is adorable! And the not-so-subtle yuri leanings of our main girl Akari was muchly appreciated for what is ostensibly just a slice of life comedy. Also I’m getting definite Rin (from Laid Back Camp) vibes from our kawaii vampire Sophie Twilight–I know they’re not the same voice actor but still the ~vibes~ are there! Out of all the shows I’m not giving full reviews this is the one I came closest to but in the end I knew I wouldn’t have much to say if things kept at this level. It’s a great level, just not one that inspires much review fodder.

More yuri than actual yuri show Bloom Into You.


Boarding School Juliet (Episode 1)

*Spoilers for Episode 1* This was a bit of a surprise, its kind of cheesy but also kind of authentic, also I didn’t expect an episode 1 confession of love from our main boy Romeo to his fair love Juliet (I also didn’t expect her to accept so quickly too!) I could be wrong but I get the feeling it might get more harem-y later on which it kind of needs to if its going to remain interesting to me as ‘conventional’ romance anime ~generally~ don’t do much for me.

A boy and a girl ‘crossing swords’ well now I’ve seen everything!

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san (Episode 1)

I was a bit disappointed the episodes for this show are only 11 minutes, but I still had a fun time with this show. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to relate to a skeleton protagonist but the power of anime seemingly makes ~anything~ relatable. I enjoyed the book shop aesthetic, the little references to various manga and doujin related things, also the diversity of people represented in the book-shop customers (I’m guessing this book-store is meant to be located in Akihabara considering the amount of Western customers Honda-san has to deal with!)

But how can a skull spit blood? Oh whatever!

As Miss Beezlebub Likes (Episode 1)

This show is very cute and fluffy, too cute and fluffy for it’s own good really! It’s basically an office-comedy set-in-hell–a really pastel cute and fluffy version of hell. And for some reason I was reminded of Cells At Work while watching this show, albeit if Cells At Work had almost zero pace and urgency. Of all the shows on this list this is the one I’m closest to dropping, because even though I dig the aesthetic and I like Miss Beezlebub (and her rack) I can’t stand the main guy! I’ll see if the other supporting characters that the show introduces next week will help lighten the load from having too much of main guy.

She’s very precious.


And that’s all the episodes I watched but didn’t review in full for Week 1! Obviously there’s more anime than just came out in the 7 days of the first week of fall since ‘As Miss Beezlebub Likes’ came out on the 11th, but I figured it made sense to keep all the Episode 1 reviews together, the same format will continue going forward, so look forward to that! If you have any questions about specific things regarding each episode, feel free to leave a comment!

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2 comments on “Watched But Not Reviewed (Fall 2018 Week 1)

  1. I watched all of the new shows here, and Miss Beelzebub was, as you say, just too fluffy. They need to get some edge on that show somehow. I thought Sunohara-sou was almost as soft and fluffy as you could get, but I was wrong by a couple orders of magnitude.

    I liked the first ep of Boarding School Juliet better than I liked the first chapter of the manga. We’ll see how they deal with the ‘forbidden love’ part, but I think it’s going to be tough to watch as they seemed to continuously doubt each other…

    Next-door Vampire-san is about as pure CGDCT as you can get. I like how the vampire gets pushed around by the My Pace girl.

    For shows you didn’t mention (besides Bunny Girl 😉 ) you might look for Otona no Bouguya-san (Armor Shop for Ladies and Gentlemen). It’s a 3 min. short, about an adults armor shop, which is really a boob armor shop. I also have enjoyed Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, the boys running team show. And I thought Himote House was hilarious (“I multiplied! What the hell?!?!”). If you liked Tesagure at all, it seems a lot like that, like it’s an improv show that they then anime with cheapy CG animation. It’s a 10 minute show like Skull-face book seller. I like that kind of humor, but it’s not for everyone. I mean, they go from organizing house chores to dropping their pants / skirts to compare panties (offscreen) (for laundry purposes) to comparing their superpowers.

    IroDuku, the new PA Works show, is just gorgeous. Like so so beautiful. And seems like it has an interesting futuristic / magic story.

    Oh, and if you want to watch a really bad show, Between Sea and Sky, the space fishing misogyny show, is there for punishing yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think I’m going to pick up any more anime this season. I’m already a little bit frustrated with certain shows so I’m going to endeavour to focus on the shows that I enjoy because I don’t want to risk burning out.

      Himote House was on my watch list until I found out it was a 3 min anime, I don’t have anything against 3 min anime its just I prefer to watch them all at once when the series is finished.


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