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Brother’s Creeper – ‘Asobi Asobase’ Episode 9 Review

Brother's Creeper - An Anime QandA Review of 'Asobi Asobase' Episode 9

What’s the show? Asobi Asobase, Episode 9.

So what manner of madness do the girls get up to this episode? With the exception of the middle segment the first and last segment are actually pretty realistic—that said the final part had some of the biggest laughs this show has given me—which is certainly saying something!

Good reaction image!

Okay so what happens in the first segment? Olivia’s been faking being a foreign transfer student since day 1, which she does because I guess she thought it’d be funny—except now it’s kinda backfired because none of the other girls in class talk to her because of the very Japanese fear of getting into an awkward language gap situation. This segment kinda fell a little bit flat for me mostly because it was just about passing a note through class in order to spread the rumour that Olivia is actually fluent in Japanese and it backfires when it arrives at Kasumi who isn’t aware Olivia wants to be known as a fluent Japanese speaker and presumes someone is trying to undermine all her ‘hard work at being a fake foreigner’. Even if it was short on laughs or quotable quotes I did enjoy Olivia’s ~fake~ broken Japanese with all the emphasis’ on the “desu” at the end of every sentence.

Sometimes you just gotta smile.

Right, and the second segment then? Decidedly less down to earth than passing notes in class? Very much so—leading on from the previous segment Olivia is chosen to represent the class in an English-speaking competition and is understandably mortified, as she’s terrible at it. So Hanako calls Maeda for help which comes in the form of another robot (you may recall Maeda and Hanako’s grandfather built her a robot boyfriend in Episode 6) except this robot is a little bit more R-18 than the previous one. Considering it’s made from parts of her grandfathers sex robot(!) and has a particularly potty mouth on it. It’s not often you get tirades off f-bombs in an anime and it certainly was as funny as it was surprising!

Robo-Olivia is terrifying…

Sex-robot, eh? I’m not even going to pry… and the final segment? What about it had you so tickled? Olivia’s gotten in trouble for bringing manga to class and since both her parents are at work her big brother has to come down to the school to apologise for his sister’s behaviour. Basically it’s just an excuse to get the girls to interact with Olivia’s brother who is… well, Hanako summed it up perfectly with one of the best lines of the season: “did you adopt him from Akihabara?”

What a reference! Wonder if that was what was actually said in Japanese or the translators are just having fun.

Ah… so he’s one of ‘you’ is he? I take exception to that! Take it back! He’s an overweight, twenty-something otaku, who lacks any social awareness about how weird he comes off to other people and says creepy things out-loud about how nice “raw” middle schooler’s smell.

Understandable reaction.

Oh boy. And maybe for some people he is pure cringe, and for others he’s the wrong side of funny, but to me it was absolutely hilarious. Also the disappointment that her older brother wasn’t some handsome specimen like out of an anime, but rather someone who watches anime was pretty perfect. I do wonder if he’ll be an infrequently recurring character like Maeda as there is potential considering—despite all her objections about his appearance and personality in person she is quite taken with his ‘phone persona’—that is to say how he talks to her so valiantly in text messages.

Thankfully Olivia is around to show Hanako the real oni-chan.

Hmm, and that’s not creepy is it?! Oh of course it is—there’s a whole road I could go down about how problematic it is for a twenty-something year old to be messaging a middle-school aged girl and how it has the potential to normalise ‘grooming’, but sometimes you just gotta go with the joke. Especially in a show that’s as consistently insane as this one!

Maeda is consistently MVP.

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