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The Old Gods And The Noob – ‘The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar’ Episode 9 Review

The Old Gods And The Noob - An Anime QandA Review of 'The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar' Episode 9

What’s the show? The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar, Episode 9.

So what happens in this episode? A lot actually and not much at the same time… you know one of those types of episodes.

I’m not sure I follow… Well a lot of information is imparted but little of it has any forward momentum on the narrative—it’s a start but we’re also at episode 9 out of 12 so the usefulness of said information remains to be seen, I really don’t foresee any kind of conclusion to be brought from what we’ve learned.

Elaborate please. So a fair chunk of this episode takes place in the present day with Yuuto’s childhood friend Mitsuki taking centre stage—of course her introduction in the episode comes while being groped in the chest by her best friend—but other than that there’s very little shenanigans for her scenes. I like Mitsuki—probably a lot more than I expected to, but I guess that’s a given since all her previous scenes were just repetitive telephone conversations between her and Yuuto.

This scene was sweet.

So what information is imparted? Well turns out Mitsuki’s friend’s sister has a doctorate in Archaeology (convenient!) and is returning home for new years so Mitsuki comes over and tells her the whole story about how Yuuto was “summoned” to another world. And it’s all rather straightforward, the Archaeology girl believes what Mitsuki tells her and gives her (and the audience) a history lesson about Norse mythology and where Yuuto fits into it all—turns out he’s (probably) a fearsome historical figure known as ‘The Black Giant’ who was responsible for ‘Ragnarok’ befalling the kingdoms of old and leading to the deaths of pretty much everyone.

I forget archeology ladies name but I like her too!

That’s… something all right. What I like about it is that it seems Yuuto is actively participating in history, in essence becoming a Norse legend by virtue of him existing in this time though it does throw up more questions than it answers, like what of all the technology he’s bringing to this ancient age—isn’t that going to have historical ramifications for the future? Or does the impending ‘Ragnarok’ that he’s to be involved in negate all the advances made. Which then bears the other question—what purpose does Yuuto have if he’s just going to become a part of folklore, what of free will? This show buries its potential constantly by not giving enough time to explore these questions but then again such are the ways of long-running light novel adaptations of which this one is seemingly without conclusion.

Hi five!

Anything else of note happen? Well after Yuuto acts like a bit of a dick while on the phone to Mitsuki—worrying that the archeologist Mitsuki talked to was male (because of course she’s not allowed to talk to any other men beside him #patriarchy). He wanders the streets of his city at night, happens upon Al and Chris and then come across some commotion in a bar, inside there’s a young woman making trouble who ~kind~ of looks like Mitsuki but Yuuto immediately jumps to that conclusion, calling her name out. End credits!

I mean I guess she kinda looks like Mitsuki?

So, good? Bad? Other? It’s a good episode—I mean, it’s not the best this show has done but then again that depends what you’re expecting from this show. I previously said I was happy with this being a silly Isekai harem series but then it goes and throws a whole bunch of history and Norse mythology at me and suddenly I’m wanting it to be something more which is absolutely a foolish thing to want because it’s never going to be anything other than a series that cherry-picks from various genres but never committing to any with any real gusto. At this point I’m just happy when an episode is entertaining and while light on the fan-service this week I was still reasonably entertained.

Why do these oranges look so realistically drawn compared to the rest of the show? And why did I include this in the review!

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5 comments on “The Old Gods And The Noob – ‘The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar’ Episode 9 Review

  1. I just thought it was nice that they started seeming to address at least where Yuuto is even if we didn’t really get anywhere yet from that. It was a nice change of pace at least.

    Liked by 2 people

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  3. negativeprimes

    Re: #patriarchy, he *is* a literal patriarch, after all! Maybe his time as Father of the Wolf Clan is starting to affect him…

    Was happy to see more of what’s going on in our world. 😺

    Liked by 1 person

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