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Dirty Tactics – ‘Harukana Receive’ Episode 9 Review with Irina & Matt

Dirty Tactics - 'Harukana Receive' Episode 9 Review with Irina & Matt

This is mine and Irina’s (from I Drink And Watch Anime!) continuing collaboration on Harukana Receive! If you missed the previous reviews there are links at the bottom of the page, I am represented by the bold text.

So as I predicted last week we had something of a time skip forward, what with the majority of our group now being third years and new girl Akari being their underclassmen. They’ve spent the break practicing and are now ready for the… what is it that they’re currently competing in? Qualifiers? I don’t know sports… Maaaattt!!! The SKIPPED the training!!! Why would they skip the training!!!! That’s the whole point! You don’t even need the tournament… If you’re going to make us sit through the volleyball at least make it feel earned…The training is my favourite part. I dunno what they’re competing in. Backyard neighbourhood fest? Winner gets free pizza? I kinda want pizza now…

I liked that Akari made scrunchies for them all though…

Were you happy that new girl Akari got a bit more time in this episode with the first half of it almost being told from her perspective? I did but it also didn’t make much sense to me. Since we haven’t seen her evolution I’m not sure when she started caring about the rest of the team that much. I also don’t get why no one knew they would compete against each other. They entered the same bracket, that’s how tournaments work… I do like the character though but this week it felt like her part was a bit tacked on.

She has such a kind face for a tsun.

By the way how did Akari get pinky’s number. Have they even ever met before? Why is everyone calling her? And she’s really great about giving advice. This fascinates me. You realize this means we are missing all these awesome episodes of the girls going out for milkshakes and singing karaoke together. Probably taking showers after onsen together…. Akari said Haruka gave her her phone number after the airport from last episode, but yeah… I feel like we’re missing out on a lot of fun too… I mean life isn’t all beaches and bikinis, wait, what am I saying?!

I find it weird/interesting that this show doesn’t feel like it has a stable protagonist (by which I mean the same protagonist every episode–not that they’re mentally unhinged or anything…) Really, I always thought Haru was the only protagonist. In fact I am use to much more ensemble based shows.

*head pats*

With the exception of the starting part about Akari being nervous to tell the others the news that only one team would be going to nationals this was mostly a sports episode. Albeit with a slightly different flow than the others with a lot of the action being narrated to us, rather than shown–I guess that’s one way to fit in a full game into under 10 minutes. I know this is not the actual case but I only remember them doing the one two finger signal (the one that points at their behind). We always see the same one. So my had canon is that there’s only one and all the scenes of Haru and Kana studying those signals are Haru not being able to grasp the only one there is! Like she’s too mesmerized by Kana’s butt to even think (OR she picked it up the first time and has been pretending not to know so they can “study” more)! Well everyone likes to practice their fingering. Now you made it dirty… Subtlety has never been my strong suit!

Now kiss…

What did you think of those two new girls? I liked them but mostly because their bikini bottoms seemed especially low riding. I’m predictable like that. I felt bad for them. They’ve been playing for 4 years at least and training like crazy for 3 years non stop and they couldn’t beat someone who picked up a volleyball for the first time two month ago. The should probably not try to make this a career. They were really great losers though.

Not pictured: butt cracks.

I am surprised you didn’t mention the loli. Ai or Mai? Isn’t she your type? Oh no… I have a “type” now, do I? She’s not my ‘best girl’ in the show if that’s what you’re asking–the reveal on that bit of info will have to wait for my 10 Best Waifu’s of Summer 2018 list, coming soon! I’m basing this on you saying you love her a couple of reviews ago. I pick up on subtle things like information being patiently spelled out. I like her spunky personality that’s all, I–I’m not a lolicon! Baka!  Moving right along…

Then again…

And the episode ends with the match-up between Claire & Emily and Haruka & Kananta. A match that’ll no doubt span the entire episode and be hard fought. The irlwaifu already made her prediction that they’ll win a set each and then “glasses girl” will do something to lose the match for her side. What are your predictions? The blondes kinda have to win if you want to respect the internal integrity of the story.

(To be honest I’m just hoping for a wardrobe malfunction…)

She’s a mischievous one alright.

Matt, you’ve been avoiding the issue and I know this is painful, but we should just brace ourselves now. Obviously something terrible happened to Marissa. The girls are all putting on brave fronts and I respect that but we have to face facts. Ohh maybe the twins WILL loose when they have to go identify their mother’s body? Organized crime syndicate took her out when she refused to throw a match in a rigged highschool amateur volleyball gambling racket. TWIST! That went dark – you should edit that out…. I can tell you’re bored with a show when you start making up darker versions of what’s actually going on. The worst thing that’s going to happen is someone’s going to get a cold before the big match, but your idea is good too! *backs away slowly*

Next episode should be good!

Now now, it’s really not that bad…But I did look for Marissa the whole episode. Why bother to introduce the character if you’re only going to use her for one lift??? Wait I now…. She’s a volleyball coach she can teach them the epic new technique of facing their partner and pointing at their boobs. Double the signal possibilities! I’m a genius! Now, why aren’t you writing for this show? It’d be all milkshakes and shopping trips and fingering for days, it’d be perfect! Stop making it sound dirty!!!

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3 comments on “Dirty Tactics – ‘Harukana Receive’ Episode 9 Review with Irina & Matt

  1. I’m completely fine with leaving out the training. I can only imagine how mind-numbingly boring it would have been in this show because 1) training always is and 2) this show is so slow with everything. However, the one part of the training they *did* show was them working on signals.

    I thought this was kind of an odd episode because the volleyball match they showed was one where the show’s protagonists just absolutely beat down the other team, but they shifted the perspective to the “bad guys” who had just dissed the main characters and tried to make them sympathetic by showing their struggle to even get a point. Like they spent so much time throughout this show on how Haruka was trying to learn how to block, and now she turns into an impenetrable wall, so instead of celebrating that, we’ll switch to the other side where they’re completely frustrated by it! And they’re going to break out their special attack using topspin and it… doesn’t work at all! But we’ll keep trying it because we worked so hard on it! I mean, I guess it was a novel way to deal with a match that was no contest, but I’m watching it thinking “this is really odd…”

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    • I think the only way to think of this show is as a CGDCT show and not a sports anime because the shows wants you to like ALL the girls in the show, regardless of whether they’re opponents and regardless of whether they’ve just shown up this episode.


      • I don’t think it’s that hard to like all the characters in this show. And they did a fine job with the characterization of the Aragaki sisters. The story of “We’ve worked really hard to get back to beat the Thomas girls, and now we don’t even get that far because of these newcomers!” can be (and was) very well done, I just thought it was really odd that it was done the way it was, with the protagonist shift for the match. I mean, even Hanebado made Nozomi sympathetic in her match with Nagisa, without ever losing the point that the viewers are supposed to be rooting for Nagisa. And that show is atrocious with characterization!

        Liked by 1 person

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