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A Tough T-Cell – ‘Cells At Work!’ Episode 9 Review

A Tough T-Cell - An Anime QandA Review of 'Cells At Work!' Episode 9

What’s the show? Cells At Work!, Episode 9.

So what’s the episode about? Strangely enough we get another flashback episode to the early life of our cells—unfortunately it’s of two of the more boring (imo) cells in this show that being Killer T Cell and Helper T Cell.

Oh… so it’s not as good of an episode as previous ones? Incorrect! Turns out this show can make anything interesting, as if I had any doubt about it…

Right. So what happens? So it turns out the super macho Killer T Cell was a bit of wimp in his childhood at the training academy and he was actually ~mildly bullied~ by Helper T Cell who used be the “tough guy” back then. Though when I say “mildly bullied” I mean Helper T Cell was just better at everything and occasionally they got into punch-ups. Ultimately though Helper T Cell lived up to his future profession and helps out Killer T Cell, so that was nice!

Even the background characters got into punch-ups!

So the episode is basically just a… training camp flashback yes, educational of course this is Cell’s At Work after all but there’s something more to this episode, something that backs up a sentiment I had with last week’s more ~personal~ story.

And what’s that? These aren’t just personification of cells, these are people—they are characters with backstories and relationships. I mean obviously it helps from a writing perspective to have us grow attached to these characters by giving them inter-personal relationships but I can’t help but think there’s another reason they are giving these characters so much ‘depth’—when they could have very easily just been two-dimensional drone-type characters that just ‘do their job’.

How the times have changed.

And why do you think the writer has done that? I don’t know! Sorry if you expected some great revelation but I can only speculate—maybe the mangaka just got so attached to the characters they were writing that they decided to give them all this extra information or maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see—maybe this writer is so good at attributing the relationships of different cells in the human body that any perceived ‘connectedness’ is coming from my own internal desire to see characters who can’t in reality be friends “be friends”.

While watching the episode I joked to the irlwaifu that “is that a river of piss?” then realised given this is the human body it very well could be…

I think you’re just thinking too much… Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet!

What’s that supposed to mean? This show dropped a weird sort of reference on us that made me question this whole ‘world’ that these cells live in.

Please elaborate? Well it was a quick reference but Dendritic Cell said that Killer T and Helper T’s shenanigans were akin to a “teen movie” and that just made my mind expand with questions! Like ‘How do they know what movies are?’, ‘Do the Cells make movies and go the cinema?’, ‘Still cameras exist so therefore video cameras must too!’ ‘Does that mean there’s Cell porn movies?!’.

Dendritic Cell likes to watch.

Dude—you really need to get out more. I know.

Anything else to add? Maybe this is the weakest episode yet, I don’t know—I’m glad that this wasn’t just another ‘monster-of-the-week’ episode but I’m just curious if this ~character development~ is going to mean anything in the long run or if it’s just for the sake of something different but even then we’ve had three episodes like this so it’s not even that different now. Am I complaining about something relatively minor? Yes. But what else am I supposed to talk about? ‘Cell porn?’ No I don’t think so… Platelet’s however? Yes that’s something everyone can get behind!

I love how the White Blood Cell on the left looks like he’s thinking “I have the best job”.

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4 comments on “A Tough T-Cell – ‘Cells At Work!’ Episode 9 Review

  1. “Dude—you really need to get out more. I know.” Lol!! 😂😂 I liked this episode. And I agree with what you wrote about the characters too. It is totally impossible to see them as cells anymore…and at times I almost forget that they are really living inside a human body 😊’s still an enjoyable show. I do wonder where they are going to be heading with this, and what the ending will be like. I mean is the body going to die? But all in all I keep loving this series! Great post! 😊😊

    Liked by 3 people

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  3. There was nothing wrong with this episode, and yet I really struggled to feel engaged. I had much the same problem the last time this show focused on the T Cells. I just don’t like them as characters so for me this episode was probably the worst so far even though it works perfectly well as an episode.

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