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Disbanding Together – ‘Music Girls’ Episode 8 Review

Disbanding Together - An Anime QandA Review of ‘Music Girls’ Episode 8

What’s the show? Music Girls, Episode 8.

So, last week ended on something of an unexpected cliff hanger, yes? Indeed. After Kotoko was photographed with a boy (who was actually her brother and not boyfriend as the tabloid claimed), enough of a furore erupted for the executives at ‘Queen Records’ to call for the disbandment of the ‘Music Girls’ idol group!

Seems a bit excessive. Maybe but, such is the life of idol-dom in Japan (apparently, I don’t actually know or care that much about real life idols). But strangely, for this seeming like a big deal, the episode takes maybe 3 minutes to spend on this drama before inventing a ~different~ drama entirely to take up the focus of the episode only for that “drama” to be swept away as quickly and easily as it came about.

Look at these good music girls!

Sounds stupid, what happens? Well, three of the girls in ‘Music Girls’ are also in a three-piece idol group called ‘H☆E☆S’ who are moderately more famous and successful than the Music Girls and it’s been decided that they’ll be playing at a music festival run by their record label—which I guess is a big deal, even though it’s run by their own record label and technically they could get anyone of their artists to perform without any fuss? I don’t maybe, it’s an idol thing again—maybe this record label has hundreds of artists signed to them and only a select few get to perform. Anyway, for ~reasons~ the H☆E☆S girls have a fight and now it looks like they are about to disband too!

“H☆E☆S”, the stars are silent.

Drama, drama, drama! Indeed. But as it turns out they always bicker about things and make-up after a couple of days so I guess the real drama was the friends we made along the way… or something, I don’t know, this episode kind of felt like pointless filler to elongate the whole ‘disbanding of Music Girls’ plot-line to last more than two episodes. Which I mean fair enough, it’s an actually interesting plot point—I mean for this show.

Yeah! For… reasons!

So what leeway is made on said plot point? In the two brief scenes which actually address it the idol’s Manager begs with the record executives to not disband the group—then Kotoko storms in and demands the group be allowed to go-on, the company president asks “what compensation do I get in return from your group” to which Kotoko replies, “we’ll perform a concert and get 10,000 people to attend” and then adds the stipulation that “if we do that, you’ll let us perform as the closing act of the festival!”

Manager looks concerned, and rightly so.

Bold claim. Too bold as it turns out, apparently that’s a ridiculous number for a group as ‘green’ as they are—but the girls rally together and say they’ll try their best to achieve their lofty (some may say “impossible”) goal!

So this episode sounds kind of… Messy? Ridiculous? Inane? Absolutely! And I’m still loving it, this show while ~occasionally~ genuinely good is better when it’s genuinely trash. Also we got Hanako (she’s the protagonist who can’t sing to save her life if you recall) belting out a delightfully off-key song in the middle of a busy intersection to try and ‘save’ H☆E☆S through the power of song—it fails miserably and is absolutely hilarious. There’s something almost self-aware about this show—it’s not frequent enough for me to call this a ‘parody’ of idol shows and may be just because it’s more of a comedy/CGDCT show but there is a certain something going on… Either that or it’s just wildly incompetent and I’m giving it too much credit—regardless of which it is though I am still having heaps of fun!

Singing in public is weird enough at the best of times but with someone as bad as Hanako it’s downright a spectacle!

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