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Across The Jealous Sea – ‘The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar’ Episode 8 Review

Across The Jealous Sea - An Anime QandA Review of 'The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar' Episode 8

What’s the show? The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar, Episode 8.

So, uh… last week I recall you weren’t too fond of the episode, to the point where you bringing down the ALL CAPS to highlight your boredom… what’s this week like? Oh it’s ~all~ good now, this episode is great!

…I’m sorry, what? Yeah! Probably one of my favourite episodes this show has managed to produce so far!—What? Why do you look so perplexed?

Oh I don’t know, the fact you spent nearly a whole review last week complaining about the show’s direction and apparently it’s all fine now? Yeah. And? Such is the nature of reviewing shows week-to-week, every episode exists almost in a bubble, separate to what’s come before and what will come later. It’s not my fault that last week was a smouldering mess that almost sent me to sleep whereas this week played into a bunch of things I love!

Hello Ingrid, it’s been a while!

Oh god, it’s going to get lewd again, isn’t it? Wow, how one-dimensional do you think I am? I’m at least 2 and a half dimensional…

Uh-huh, so what “buttons” did it push for you this week? This episode finally made me realise what I wanted this show to be but what it had been either barely doing or outright flailing at this whole time. This show does the ‘harem’ genre pretty good, it does the ‘isekai’ genre moderately interesting, it does the ‘action/fantasy’ genre mediocre at best and it does the ‘historical’ genre—well I don’t watch any historical-type anime so I don’t have any basis for comparison but I’m indifferent to how it handles it. But you know what it does pretty great? ‘Slice of Life’ I never knew how much I wanted a SoL isekai series until I watched this episode!


Okay… so what about it is Slice of Life? It’s moreso this episode, basically Effy slave girl is attending a local school that Yuuto instituted but she’s being excluding by the ‘popular kids’ which is making her sad. So Yuuto and the loli twins Al & Chris decide they need to figure out why and how to help her. Which ends up with Chris becoming the ‘Queen’ of the school, dethroning the bitchy Queen who was pulling all the strings and making the other kids ignore Effy. And it’s all so ridiculous and convoluted but strangely authentic and down-to-earth at the same time that I love it. But then again I’m a sucker for those anime school shenanigans. And that’s only half the episode!

Poor Effy 😦 she just wants friends…

I almost don’t care, but what happens in the other half? It’s Christmas time! I mean it would be if Yuuto wasn’t living in a pre-Christ civilisation and with the encouragement of his girl back home (oh yeah, she’s still a thing) Yuuto decides he wants to make gifts for Felicia and Sigrune to show his appreciation for them. So he enlists the help of mega-tsun blacksmith Ingrid to make some “hand-made” presents. And despite Yuuto’s truly obnoxious ideas about what is “feminine” this segment is kind of cute, and absolutely bolsters Ingrid’s standings in the race for best girl. It’s also just a fun little segment! Also, women be jealous amirite?

I don’t normally go for tsun but Ingrid really does it for me.

Excuse me? Oh there’s just this vaguely sexist undercurrent that pervades this episode that every problem faced by women is because they’re jealous of other women/things that other women have… thought I’d put a pin in that in case it becomes important in a future episode or it was just this show ‘mansplaining’ its way through a plot point or two…

Wait, I thought you liked this episode? I can like it and be critical of the gender politics, it’s 2018!

Effy, too pure.

—Right, so in summation what you want more of, is the stuff that people otherwise refer to as ‘padding’? But at the same time you’re critical of the same things that were issues previously? Apparently so, I like to be complicated and shit. Also at least in this show I can’t help but be distracted by the bevvy of beauties before me… I am a man of simple pleasures, also Ingrid has ridiculously ~nice oppai~.

I’m sorry, what were you saying?

*sigh* Uh-huh… anything else you want to add before I shut this review down? The episode is bookended by an interesting(?) scene with Loptr and Sigyn who are plotting Yuuto’s downfall in bed (post coital!) and I mean we at least learn that apparently it was Felicia who summoned him to this ‘world’ but other than that these scenes just further add to the frustrating feeling I got from the previous episode, but whatever. I’m sure this show will find a way to be a completely different show next week, as it seems to so schizophrenically change genres week-to-week. Ah well, guess I’ll enjoy what I can while I can!

Damn that strategic hair!

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