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Past, Present and Future Tension – ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 6 Review

Past, Present and Future Tension - An Anime QandA Review of 'Happy Sugar Life' Episode 6

What’s the show? Happy Sugar Life, Episode 6.

So what’s this episode about? You know… there’s something just so enthralling, so intoxicating about watching an evil genius at work—all the moreso from the outside, knowing that the gears in their head are constantly turning, forming, manipulating like a chess grandmaster except the pieces they’re moving around are people and with each move another life could be stolen—or snuffed out completely.

Baby Shio! Too cute! Must protect!

Okay… that was mildly creepy… mind explaining what all that was about? I’m just in awe of Sato’s character in this show. Unlike previous episodes which put us square into Sato’s mind to allow us to hear her inner-most thoughts and the dark machinations she’s planning this episode instead has us here what’s in the head of the people around her as they seek to figure out what exactly is going on in the life of this mysterious, enigmatic and charismatic girl.

You really have a crush on her don’t you? Kinda, yeah. I said before in a previous review of this show—I never understood people’s fascination with serial killers and psychopaths—until now. Sato is just so inherently interesting.

Thousand yard stare.

Right, now that you’re quite done fawning over her can we talk about what ~actually~ happens in the episode? Spoil sport. So as I briefly mentioned above this episode is less about Sato and Shio and more about the people around her who are having to contend with this ‘force of nature’ that is Sato. Her work colleague Shouko (not the one who confessed last week, but the only ~normal~ character in the show) has started communicating with Shio’s bedraggled brother Asahi, feeding him and getting to know him better—like one would a stray cat. We also get to know a little bit about Asahi’s previous home life and it’s exactly as horrible and messed up as we thought—his father was a drunk who beat his wife, so she and Sato move out while Asahi stayed at home and copped the full brunt of the beatings in order to protect his mother and sister.

This poor family.

Dark, but I guess that’s expected given the show. Anything else? Indeed. Sato’s teacher is all but convinced the “trash” she had him dispose of was the dead body of her aunt and is committed to catching her out—if only to see the look on her face (did I mention he’s messed up too? Pretty sure I did). Also my favourite scene of the episode is when Shouko and Sato go out to lunch together and Shouko persists at inserting herself into Sato’s life—wanting to be able to help and support her however she can. The way Sato manipulates Shouko by appealing to her people-pleasing tendencies as well as saying that she’s her “best friend” is kind of chilling. But the big question is whether Shouko is fully fooled by Sato or if this is just a cunning ploy to learn whether Sato has kidnapped Shio like Taiyou insists.

Famous last words…

So where does this leave us come the end of the episode? It’ll be interesting whether Sato lets Shouko into her ‘Happy Sugar Life’ as we’re led to believe she will at the end of the episode or whether Shouko’s going to end up in three bloody bags like her dear old aunt. Either way I’m hyped for the next episode!

Well… this can only end well…

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