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A Storm In An A-Cup – ‘ISLAND’ Episode 7 Review

A Storm In An A-Cup - An Anime QandA Review for 'ISLAND' Episode 7

What’s the show? ISLAND, Episode 7.

So what happens on the Island this week? A lot. Like really a lot—and at the same time the forward momentum we’re given in regards to the narrative is kinda not what I wanted at all? But at the same time I totally understand why we had to have what happen ~happen~ because we’re only at episode 7 and there’s no way the show was ready for a “happy ending” yet.

Right, kinda vague there, care to elaborate? Well things are all great and wonderful between Rinne and Setsuna—their relationship is progressing slowly but surely—even Rinne’s mother wants the two of them to ‘consummate’ their relationship. But Sestuna is waiting until Rinne is emotionally ready for it and doesn’t want to force things.


Well that’s nice of him I suppose… but I’m guessing things aren’t that simple now are they? Of course not, while on a date at the shaved ice store the old lady running the place says she needs some more medicine, so Setsuna being the obliging gentlemen he is goes off to pick some up. Meanwhile the old lady mentions that she and Setsuna used to come here “years ago” which triggers all sorts of memories that flood back and causes her to run off to the coastline. Also meanwhile Setsuna learns from the only police officer on the island that Rinne had gone missing for 5 years prior to Setsuna’s arrival on the island but in the time she was missing it seemed like “no time had passed for her”.

True, she’s 18. Or 23, depending on who in town you ask…

Okay… so time-travel shenanigans are to blame? Ah, if only it were that simple—here’s where it gets convoluted—bear with me. Everytime there is a storm a mysterious deserted island appears of the coast and it’s there where the original Setsuna (the one from the cliffside cabin from a couple episodes ago) and Rinne ended up getting stranded. Things happen, the narrative of the flashback is very fractured and possibly susceptible to an unreliable narrator—original Setsuna saves Rinne by finding a raft only big enough for one person and Rinne washes up on the shore(?) of home island with amnesia. Maybe.

Imagine living on an island your whole life only to get deserted on another island…

Maybe? Things are kept intentionally vague, almost frustratingly so but I like that! I like the haphazard nature of the storytelling here; it feels perfectly in keeping with the idea of forgotten memories slowly coming to the surface as well as the frustration of not really knowing what’s truth and what’s fiction and even whether time-travel is even involved in ~any~ of this! It’s like every episode up-ends what we thought we knew for sure but never in a way that feels like things are being made-up as we go along but rather that the truth is always buried under layers of mistruths and bad guesses.


Well as long as you’re enjoying it, that’s all that matters. That sounded really passive-aggressive but I am indeed enjoying it! Even if I would have been happy for just 6 more episodes of Rinne and Setsuna dating because I think they make a cutecouple, but this is good too. I’m curious to see where the show goes from here and hope we get more stuff for Sara to do because she’s best girl—I loved the silly little moment where she interrupted the dramatic moment between Rinne and Setsuna on the pier.

Look at this silly girl!

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