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Starving Artists – ‘Music Girls’ Episode 5 Review

Starving Artists - An Anime QandA Review of ‘Music Girls’ Episode 5

What’s the show? Music Girls, Episode 5.

So, uh, last week’s episode was all about make-up which you seemed particularly uninterested in. Is this episode about something more relevant to your interests? Yes! It’s about food! Oh and low-key messages about how people should actually listen to women and not just ‘mansplain’ to them thinking that they know better. But mostly food!

O…kay? I guess I should explain yeah? So the Music Girls have a photo shoot for a magazine and the shoot director is kind of a dick—he has all these ideas about what idols are “supposed to be” but they don’t jell well with the Music Girls who want to showcase the things they love and the things about them that make them happy—not the clichés that he keeps spouting.

“Quack quack”

But wouldn’t he know better, I mean that’s his job as shoot director? Well yeah but so is listening to your clients and getting the best out of your photo-shoot subjects, if the girls aren’t happy with the creative decisions being made by the shoot director that will come across in the photos. Luckily, our plucky protagonist Hanako manages to convince the arrogant shoot director to let Uori and her cook lunch for the girls rather than have them pose with a bunch of ‘fruit’ as he believes idols do.

We’ll see I suppose!

And it works? Of course! Uori’s tailor-made meals and favourites instantly brighten the moods of the other girls, allowing them to ‘be themselves’ and results in great photos which makes everyone happy!

And so the lesson here is? Listen to people! Doesn’t matter who they are, just listen to people and you might learn something and heck it might even benefit you too!

She’s trying to be polite so much, love it!

Right… So is this a good episode? I mean… well it’s not bad. I enjoyed it more than the previous episode, there’s a little bit of forward momentum with regard to the Music Girls as a group, they’ve had a semi-popular advertising campaign for make-up which has boosted their image in the public eye and so it’ll be interesting to see if this magazine piece ups the popularity in the next episode. Other than that it was kind of inconsequential—fun—but inconsequential… I mean there’s a bath scene so obviously I’m satisfied but—

Stop. I don’t need to know about your “satisfaction”. Not like that, geez!

Man, Shupe has a rockin’ bod…

Anything else you wanted to add? Well as I was about to say before you interrupted this is a really low-key show, even when it’s about something it’s not really about much. But then again I’m not that familiar with idol anime so maybe this is pretty standard stuff. The show is at it’s best when it’s silly and subverting expectations which this episode has some but not quite enough for my liking. I’m still enjoying the show (mostly because of the characters—and the fan service) but hopefully it’ll lean into the elements I like while evolving some more in the episodes to come.

Obligatory bath screencap.

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4 comments on “Starving Artists – ‘Music Girls’ Episode 5 Review

  1. I really don’t think this is an idol show. It’s a CGDCT show with a rather large cast. Cause the only thing that’s “idol-y” about it is that they dress up sometimes. It’s not bad, but if Comic Girls had as much comic stuff in it as Music Girls has music, people’d be all “Why do they call this Comic Girls, it’s just Girls.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good point and good to know. I think approaching this as a CGDCT show will help add to my enjoyment of the series rather than expecting this to be an idol show (which as I said I have limited experience with anyway).


      • I mean, it’s not like Idolm@ster or Wake Up, Girls! or Love Live! had performance segments every week, but they all just seemed a lot more focused on the things they had to do to be Idols, or the problems that came up in the course of being idols. So far this hasn’t been any of that, it’s just a friends show where Uori’s kinda pissy about everything, they have a crawfish / lobster that is constantly in danger of being eaten alive and everyone just laughs about it, and sometimes they all get their pictures taken.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You make it sound like a bad thing 😛


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