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Licensed To Fight – ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 15 Review

Licensed To Fight - An Anime QandA Review of 'My Hero Academia 3rd Season' Episode 15

What’s the show? My Hero Academia 3rd Season, Episode 15.

So this is a continuation of the last episode yeah? Indeed this is a mini-arc of sorts concerning the UA kids getting their provisional hero licenses. And it’s good.

Cutting right to it then are we, not wasting any time? Something like that, as much as it’s been nice having all the kids in a dorm together and having things feeling more ~condensed~ and intimate the opposite can also be nice and thus is nice as we get to meet some student heroes from other hero schools all across Japan who are all competing for the very limited amount of provisional licenses on offer. It feels like the world is expanding beyond out little sphere of familiar faces at UA and it’s very much necessary not only for the longevity of the series but also for the validity of the overarching plotline about the place of heroes in society.

So many heroes… WAIT, IS THAT A CHICKEN?! (Far left, front row).

So I guess that means new characters? Yep! A whole heck of a lot of them, and while we probably won’t be seeing a lot of them beyond this arc—or if we do it will be sporadically there’s just something great about seeing new faces with cool and interesting quirks, looks and personalities.

Look at these fabulous weirdos.

Any favourites so far? Well ‘Joke’ is an obvious choice—she has something of a ~relationship~ with Eraserhead that’s hard to know if it’s serious or not, but I guess that’s entirely the point seeing as how her quirk is based on being able to make people laugh to temporarily change their mental outlook. But the back and forth rapport between the two of them is a lot of fun! Another character I didn’t expect to enjoy so much is the tired and apathetic bureaucrat who’s running this particular ‘exam’—it’s a glorified extras role but I don’t know what it was but I was chuckling the whole time he was on screen!

Well the sports festival was on TV so…

So how do they get their provisional hero licenses? Well the Class 1A students as well as a bunch of other students from hero schools from around Japan have come to a specially designed testing facility. Where only the first 100 fastest students (out of the thousands present) to pass will get a provisional license, but despite the fact they come from the best school the UA kids have a unique disadvantage. All the other schools are gunning for them! And that’s where the episode more-or-less ends for the week.

Ah, so it’s another set-up episode with all the action to happen next week. More or less, buy boy was it entertaining as heck! Also we got to see some of the hero girls in casual clothing as they relaxed in the dorm and talked about Ochako’s crush—laid back Froppy is so cute!

I like these casual looks, especially on Toru.

What’s this about a “crush”? Is romance afoot? They’ve been teasing it for what seems like ages, hard to say if anything’s going to eventuate this season but I’d like to hope so! Having all the boys and girls in such close proximity together as they go through all the hormonal teenage changes is bound to get some fireworks flying—at least that’s my hope anyway!


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1 comment on “Licensed To Fight – ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 15 Review

  1. negativeprimes

    Yes to the hormonal teenagers falling in love! Sometimes TV characters are all, “It won’t even occur to me to think about loving or being attracted to someone unless and until one of us has to give the other CPR, say!” And I’m thinking, “This was clearly written by someone who was never a teenager.”

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