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More Fish For The Cat God – ‘Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs’ Episode 4 Review

More Fish For The Cat God - An Anime QandA Review of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Episode 4

What’s the show? Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, Episode 4.

How are things in the bathhouse harem this week? Well since last week we were introduced to and thus learned a bit about the newest addition to the harem, haunted high-school girl Chisaki. This week gives us the chance to learn more about two of the other girls in Kogarashi’s harem: the demon-slaying ninja Sagiri, and the cat girl possessed by a cat god Yaya.

So two separate stories this week? Indeed, and we’ll start with the first one as Sagiri ‘hires’ Kogarashi to help her go after a particularly nefarious yokai who is going after couples in a local park.


And I’m guessing the fact it’s “couples” plays an important part in the story? Indeed, hence why Sagiri needed Kogarashi’s “help” in the first place—she would have been too proud to ask for help ordinarily but the evil Yokai will only appear to attack couples.

Um, why? Well I could say it’s just some convenient excuse to get Kogarashi and Sagiri ‘physically’ closer, but the yokai of Japanese folklore have some very specific rules about who they target, like crazy intricate and borderline ridiculous. So anyway, after some cute ~situations~ between the two the demon fog rolls in and their clothes start to disintegrate and—

At what speed did you expect them to melt?!

Wait, what’s that about their clothes?! Oh did I forget to mention the yokai melts the clothes off all of its victims leaving them stark naked?

…Why am I even surprised? What?! It melts off both their clothes, male and female—this is an equal opportunity pervert yokai!

Makes me wonder what the uncensored blu-ray of this scene will look like what with that big black bar there…

Right… And the second storyline? I really enjoyed the Sagiri one and didn’t think it could be topped, but where the first one was lots of shenanigans with a little bit of heart and character development thrown in, the second segment is surprisingly wholesome—like really surprisingly wholesome.

I’m listening, go ahead… So the innkeeper is away for three days so all the cooking falls to the residents, expectedly they’re all pretty terrible at cooking—except for Kogarashi of course. And his fire-roasted fish is a hit, especially with Yaya—who after getting a taste of the delicious meal follows him around like a needy little house cat.

I said wholesome! Who put this picture in?!

Sounds kind of ‘dependent’, not very progressive, huh? Ahh~ but that’s where your wrong (mostly) see, she’s only following him around because she’s too shy to ask him to make the fish again—and she only wants Kogarashi to make the fish again so she can have the ‘cat god’ taste the food too! The giant cat leaps from her body, eagerly devouring the morsels and Kogarashi’s harem expands, except to include a fluffy white cat the size of a mini-bus! It’s not unexpectedly wholesome as this show has traded off its charms and personable characters and strong main relationship between Yuuna and Kogarashi—but what this episode demonstrates more than anything is the ability to back up those ‘good feeling’ moments with other characters too, which makes for a much more meaningful harem.

See, very cute!

Only you could manage to put “meaningful” and “harem” in the same sentence together and mean it so sincerely… What can I say; this show brings out the best in a lot of unexpected things! I eagerly await the rest of the season as this show is continuing to excel with every passing episode!

Who wouldn’t want a cat that big? Actually never mind… think of the furballs, yuck!

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