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Urine Trouble – ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 5 Review

Urine Trouble - An Anime QandA Review of 'Chio's School Road' Episode 5

What’s the show? Chio’s School Road, Episode 5.

So how are things on Chio’s commute to/from school this week? Predictably unpredictable as always!

And what shenanigans does she get up to? The first of the two ‘segments’ is undoubtedly the highlight—despite (or maybe because) it’s just Chio and her increasingly desperate dilemma to get out of a busy men’s public restroom she accidentally ran into while busting to have a piss. The way her mind works is a marvel and I can’t say I’d ever come up with the same mad scheme she does to get out of her embarrassing situation!

She’s a gal with a plan!

Oh yeah? What’s it involve? Oh you know, pretending her iced tea is urine and spilling it on the floor to stop people from entering and then using urinal ping pong balls (I don’t know, I guess they’re a thing in Japan used to stop pee from getting stagnate in urinals) to distract a cat outside, that’ll in turn distract two high school girls to bend over to “awww” at the cat that will in turn distract two businessmen to look at the high school girls bending over allowing her to escape through a window!

Sure, that’ll work.

That’s uh… that’s quite the plan. How well does that go for her? Well~ she gets stuck, only for a minute though before pushing her way out and diving into the line of site of everyone almost negating the point of her whole plan! Though she brushes it off by pretending she was just excited to find her cat ‘George’ and runs off after it. Crisis averted?

Right… It almost plays out like some one-woman show; indeed it’s almost the kind of thing you’d see in like a 90’s sitcom—just this escalation of bad ideas that eventually culminate into a successful conclusion somehow.

Cursed image.

And the second segment? Less overtly funny, and a bit trope-y to be honest but still good! It concerns the head of the disciplinary committee at Chio’s school investigating all the reports of disturbances that have come from Chio’s shenanigans on her way to and from school so she follows Chio and Manana and basically it’s just seeing how random and reckless the two girls are with the added commentary of a very straight-laced girl observing all the actions. I feel like it’s a pretty standard anime comedy gimmick but it still works well for this show because the stuff Chio and Manana do on this particular trip to school aren’t that out of the ordinary for a lot of high-school students (at least in my experience) but because of how much of a straight-arrow the disciplinary committee girl is it makes it seem a lot more OTT.

It’s too much for some people…


So good episode then? Yeah, as to be expected from this show but I’m glad the show is not only still funny, but is gradually adding to the universe of characters and showing that the stuff Chio gets up ~does~ have an effect on the world and is being noticed by outsiders—it adds an extra layer to not only the comedy but the characterisation too. Still got my fingers crossed for that Chio x Manana ‘relationship’ though…

No context!

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