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Promises Beyond The Grave – ‘Seven Senses of the Re’Union’ Episode 3 Review

Promises Beyond The Grave - An Anime QandA Review of 'Seven Senses of the Re'Union' Episode 3

What’s the show? Seven Senses of the Re’Union, Episode 3.

So what happens in this episode? Kinda not a lot actually—but at the same time it’s an emotionally important episode, and the fact they gave it a bit of time to properly resonate was either a smart decision on the part of the writer or just them stretching this premise out for the required number of episodes—either way it worked!

That’s great!… what’s it about damn it? Oh yeah, so Satsuki starts the episode still not convinced that this version of Asahi is in any way ‘real’—after all Asahi died 6 years ago in real life, she couldn’t possibly be anything other than leftover code, right? Adding to her objections is the fact that Asahi has yet to perform her signature ability to read the future, which is apparently something that requires a conscious mind to perform.

So cute, so pure, so precious.

Pretty damning evidence I suppose. Indeed. We see a flashback to 6+ years ago when the ‘Subaru’ gang exchanged rings. He also made a promise to Asahi, and her to him—that they would protect each other no matter what. This is the galvanising moment for their friendship and so both Haruto and Satsuki decide to look for answers regarding Asahi’s current state. They head back to the dungeon where all the hardship began—where Asahi died, while there the mysterious loli Elicia re-summons the boss that first killed Asahi. A battle ensues and they eventually defeat it, with the help of both Haruto’s awakened ‘sense’ and that of Asahi—which all but convinces them that this is the real Asahi.

“The power is yours!” Oops wrong show, also wrong decade.

You said not a lot happened, that sounds like a lot to me! It’s more that there’s not a lot of forward momentum in the narrative, but as I said the emotional component to the story at this point is far more important… the ‘Subaru’ gang is reforming and they’re getting (probably) closer to an answer as to Asahi’s condition.

I really like this shot.

But what do they hope to achieve? I mean even if her mind is perfectly preserved ‘in-game’ her irl body is dead and buried. Way to bring it back to stark reality! But yes, that is correct. And that’s a part of the allure of this story, we could sit through this entire story only to find there’s no ‘happy ending’—I know it’s a little early to be looking at conclusions but I’d hope for an ending more melancholic and realistic than something that’s too light and fanciful. But it’s hard to know what kind of show this wants to be—on the one hand it’s dark enough to kill of a grade-schooler in the first episode. But on the other hand it’s got naked shenanigans and borderline harem-style jealousy developing between Haruto, Asahi and Satsuki.

*nose bleed*

Oh boy… “shenanigans” again huh? To be fair they’re done sparingly enough as to not break the tone completely, and the love triangle was established from the get-go so it’s not completely out of nowhere. Though any potential ‘romance’ between Haruto and Asahi is somewhat made more questionable by the fact that Asahi still has the mind and attitude of a grade-schooler, whereas Haruto is a moody clueless high-school boy. That’s probably part of the reason he—on several occasions—says “don’t hug me” to Asahi.

Yeah, I’ve got hair where there wasn’t hair before!

And what are you expecting from the show going forward? Well there’s still 3 more members to re-join the ‘Subaru’ gang—I imagine that’ll take up at least another 3 episodes. After that it’s anyone’s guess, this show is kind of without a tangible antagonist at this point—it’s almost like ‘reality’ itself is the antagonist, constantly barring down with the cold truth of what happened all those years ago in spite of what’s happening in game. I like the show, even if I’m not sure if it’s heading anywhere particularly ‘deep’ or ‘complex’ it’s at the very least ~intriguing~.

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