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Ghost In The Machine – ‘Seven Senses of the Re’Union’ Episode 2 Review

Ghost In The Machine - An Anime QandA Review of 'Seven Senses of the Re'Union' Episode 2

What’s the show? Seven Senses of the Re’Union, Episode 2.

So last episode ended with a surprise? A loli in a box! Specifically Asahi, the dead girl in real life, but who is decidedly not dead in the game!

Such a revelation would certainly take a toll on the protagonist? In life they were best friends, in game they were something ~more~? Not really sure to be honest but actually Haruto takes it surprisingly ‘well’… that is to say he initially doesn’t believe her and then he kind of wants to abandon her and forget it all happened—ultimately though he decides to help her, though I have a feeling if it weren’t for Satsuki (who is totally best girl material just FYI) making an appearance in his real life he wouldn’t have even bothered to try and figure out what’s going on.

Sounds like you’ve got a pretty uninterested, low-key protagonist on your hands? Yeah he is a bit. I mean I can sympathise with his emotions, not wanting to deal with something you thought was already over and done with—unearthing feelings of grief and regret that you’d already come to terms with and not wanting to give in to the allure of hope that maybe Asahi is alive in some form or another.

But she is dead right, like there was a funeral with a body, it’s not like she went missing… Ah but herein lies this show’s juiciest plot-point and potential narrative crux, what if her mind is completely contained within the code of the game now? Everything a person is, their personality their memories their aspirations and dreams and loves and losses are all constructs of the mind. Her flesh body may have died but perhaps whatever broadly determines a human ‘soul’ is still within the game!

Seems like this show’s a lot deeper than it may have looked on the surface. Last episode I did prematurely dub this Summer 2018’s ‘Caligula’. I’m still standing by that assessment.

Lot of people didn’t care for Caligula though, right? Just like a lot of people probably don’t care much for this show either! I’ve seen a couple of reviews and tweets unfavourably compare this to Anohana—a show I know about but haven’t watched yet. And that brings me to another point I wanted to raise about this show specifically… if the concept is original to me, then it’s still original right? Just because I haven’t seen a show that this one apparently “wants to be” doesn’t mean my opinions for thinking its an ‘interesting’ and ‘unique’ idea are invalid?

Not invalid, just ~woefully~ uninformed. Wow, savage.

So what else happens in the episode? A lot of talking, a lot of other factions wanting to take control of Aisha now that people know she’s “alive” (in-game) because of her super powerful ‘see the future’ power. Also not only do we get Satsuki from the old group come back but Takanori, the one with the glasses who was most vocally blaming Haruto for Asahi’s death because of his own ‘feelings’ for Asahi. He vows to protect her but won’t bring the old group, ‘Subaru’ back together again.

Right, anything else you want to mention? This is a good looking anime, I know I said some negative things about the show’s art style last episode but I hearby all but rescind those harsh words here, it’s pretty darn nice and clean and crisp to look at. Also, the scene in the real world (outside of the game world) with Haruto, his sister and Satsuki was a particular highlight—Haruto’s sister is a gem of a character and offers much needed comic relief to what is otherwise a pretty dour episode (and premise).

But you’re still along for the ride? Sure, I mean it’ll have to either become drastically boring or drastically bad for me to drop it, I’m interested to see where the story goes and even if Haruto isn’t the most interesting protagonist in the world the girls more than make up for his character deficiencies!

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