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A Mother’s Worries, A Child’s Rights – ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 12 Review

A Mother's Worries, A Child's Rights - An Anime QandA Review of 'My Hero Academia 3rd Season' Episode 12

What’s the show? My Hero Academia 3rd Season, Episode 12.

It’s been a while since your last My Hero Academia review, what happened? Funimation happened, specifically they delayed the dub’s release by two+ weeks.

The dub? As in you watch this show in English? Pretty sure you already knew that, but yes it’s among only a rare handful of shows I watch dubbed into English—and that’s not gonna change now, even if I have to wait a few extra weeks to see what’s happened!

Fair enough, so where are we in the story? Right so last time All Might defeated All For One but ended up expending the last of his energy into the process—symbolically passing the mantle of ‘Symbol of Peace’ to Midoriya. Obviously as a result of everything that happened this is a more low-key episode but it still has a remarkable amount crammed in and has some big emotional moments too!

*gentle sob*

Such as? Well aside from the obvious emotional fallout of Midoriya having to deal with his idol being reduced to such a frail figure AND the newfound responsibility of his own—he also has to deal with his mother.

What do you mean by that? Well the UA High staff has decided it’s safer to have all the students live in campus in dormitories and surprisingly most of the parents are cool with it—I loved the chance to see some of our characters’ parents—Bakugo’s mother and father were a particular highlight! But Midoriya’s mother is the holdout, she’s been stressed enough as it is over her son’s tumultuous time at UA and doesn’t want her son attending the school anymore!


Understandable I suppose. Is it though? Not being a parent myself I can only take the child’s side in this argument—I’ve long been a believer in the autonomy of children, especially teenagers and while I could at least sympathise with her concerns, it’s his life and she has no right telling him what he can and can’t do.

My god, you sound like such an edgy teenager right now, sounds like someone has some “issues” with his own mother… Eh not really, I see a lot of my own mother in Midoriya’s mother but that’s up to the worrying side of things, my mother never told me what I could or couldn’t do and I always appreciated that. I just don’t like controlling parents—anyway that’s not really of any actual importance because as it turns out as all it takes to convince her ‘round to their side is have All Might get on his hands and knees and promise that he’ll look after him and train him and be there for him for as long as he needs him.

It’s cool, backwards chronology is all the rage!

So pointless drama then? I wouldn’t say pointless—it was dramatic—deep down I knew Midoriya would never leave UA but I also knew he’d never defy his mother so there was a few tense minutes where I was like “omg what’s he gonna do!”

Final thoughts on the episode? Good episode, not the best but kinda necessary to get the story where it needed to be. It had enough interesting and fun (and even emotionally rich) moments to carry it but I tell you one thing for damn sure, I’m very excited for next week’s episode!

Holy shit, this family.

Why’s that? Dorm life shenanigans, and Froppy of course! As much as the action in this show is fun, I love the stuff set at school—the almost slice of life stuff you know when the hero’s can just kind of relax and pal around—that’s what I’m here for!

Man… Deku’s mother was a MILF back in they day!

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