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Steins;Gate 0 Episode 10 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Steins;Gate 0 Episode 10

What’s the show? Steins;Gate 0, Episode 10.

And what’s this episode about? The importance of other people in our lives.

That sounds like the title of a self-help essay waiting to happen… well I very well could devolve into full academic deconstruction of the recurrent themes of this episode–of the loving rivalry between Kurisu and Maho and how in the anime it’s deftly compared to that of historical figures Motzart and Salieri and how that relationship shaped her very sense of self. Or the budding and thoroughly complicated relationship of sorts forming between Moeka and Faris-Chan, one that’s very much the definition of external opposites attracting–but that both share a broken backstory. Or Okabe’s overtly protective instincts informing his relationships with women and how–in doing so, creates a further divide to a romantic connection.

Well then… sounds like you’ve got a lot to say… I said I could talk about these things, but let’s face it–by now you’re probably just expecting me to swoon about the sexy sleepover party shenanigans involving Maho, Moeka and Faris.

I never expected that because I didn’t even know and truth be told I’d rather you didn’t I get enough talk of ‘shenanigans’ in your DxD reviews thank you very much… Everything serves a purpose! Even in Steins;Gate 0, something as cliche and ~problematic~ as a breast grope between acquaintances can be extrapolated upon–to discover the deeper meaning therein!

You just want an excuse to talk about boobs in this Steins;Gate review, don’t you? Scoff all you want! Within Moeka’s mighty melons lies the key to all of life’s mysteries! Okay I’m done, but seriously–if nothing else, the scenes existence is wholly justified by the knowledge that Moeka is probably writing Erotica in her spare time. Though the scene immediately following with Maho extolling the virtues of appreciating one’s own self worth and not comparing your life to another’s was pretty much perfect. In fact…

Oh boy, I sense a broad and sweeping statement incoming… This episode is pretty much perfect, I know I’ve never said any previous episode was otherwise–in fact I’ve probably praised this show more than most but there’s a kind of levity here that reminds me just how good the original Steins;Gate was and the fact it so effortlessly slips back into a more affable tone is truly remarkable especially considering the dark place it’s come from and the dark place it’s trying to avoid.

So all these weeks where you were admonishing people who were missing the “old Steins;Gate” and now you’re praising the show for doing just that? Seems kind of hypocritical. The difference is I never didn’t love this show when it was all dark and moody and mournful–I ate that up for breakfast lunch and dinner! I’m simply commending this turn into a more ~familiar~ Steins;Gate because it does it without having to hammer in pointless nostalgia. This is an evolving beast called Steins;Gate 0 and I can’t wait to see what it looks like next week!

That kind of felt like we wrapped things up too early, you got anything else you wanted to talk about? So much Akihabara in this praised I was almost getting teary eyed just by my memories of these locales. Also, I don’t talk about it enough but Maho’s voice actor is just absolutely delivering the goods here–her emotional range in this episode alone is outstanding! Best girl forever!

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