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Steins;Gate 0 Episode 8 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Steins;Gate 0 Episode 8

What’s the show? Steins;Gate 0, Episode 8.

Last week ended on a pretty big and important cliffhanger, yes? Where do things go from there? All of the ~feels~.

Uh-huh, so I take it you had a very emotional reaction to this episode then? You could say that… but I don’t like the implication that my opinion is somehow favourably skewed because I had an emotional reaction to the episode.

Well an “emotional reaction” is still a form of a review so go on, what happened in the episode? Well as guessed by the end of the previous episode Okabe has somehow found himself in the alpha world line where his lover Kurisu is alive and his childhood friend Mayuri is dead. Kurisu and Daru are quick to ascertain that this is an Okabe from an alternate world line and attempt to set him straight, namely Kurisu who realizes this Okabe needs to be back in his own world line to be able to properly function.

For a moment I thought this was a dream…

Wait. So she’s totally cool with dying for the sake of the other girl living? Apparently, and herein lies my biggest problem with the Steins;Gate series on the whole—if I’m being exceedingly pedantic. It’s that the people around Okabe, specifically Mayuri and Kurisu seem strangely okay with dying if it means someone else doesn’t have to suffer. I don’t think most people are nearly as selfless. But that’s a topic for another day.

Simpler times.

‘Kay… so wait, what were we talking about? See the thing is, I intended to write an exceedingly glowing review of this episode—that was my overwhelming feeling when finishing the episode and I usually write my reviews within a couple of hours of watching but this episode… but I thought it might be interesting if I waited a while before writing a review and I’m kind of glad I did because while I do still think this is a great episode I also think—more than ever—that this episode only exists for fan-service, the not-erotic kind.


Explain? Well… uh, this is pure speculation and I know we’re only a third of the way through this season but I don’t think we’re going to see an irl Kurisu again… I think this was just a way for Okabe to get a sense of ~closure~ on the whole losing Kurisu thing. And the rest of the series will be about things other than a storyline that’s already run its course in the original Steins;Gate. For example, what’s Kagari’s deal; is she future or is she past, where’s Amadeus gone and how long til Okabe can get a piece of that sweet legal loli Maho—you know the important things!

Time travel, yo. It’s complicated AF.

Right… so this episode is…? It’s really really good, it’s great, heck it’s downright ~sublime~ at times… I don’t talk about this enough in my reviews but the use of music and quiet moments and cityscapes and lighting it’s all nearly perfect—it’s clear a lot of love went into the making of this particular episode. And while dark and foreboding and mournful at times it captures a certain energy that the original Steins;Gate had which is admirable and even enviable for a moment. But this isn’t the original Steins;Gate as much as a lot of reviewers want it to be, this is ‘Steins;Gate 0’ it’s a different, darker, more mature more contemplative beast than it’s predecessor ever was and people really need to stop comparing it to the show it was and accept it for the show it is. But that’s just my opinion…

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1 comment on “Steins;Gate 0 Episode 8 – Anime QandA Review

  1. WeeaBroDerek

    Man, I really should have rewatched the original series before this one started. It’s cbecoming an academic ordeal to keep up with what is actually going on.
    I’m inclined to agree, though. I did think it was oddly suicidal of Kurisu,to immediately be like “Okay, kill me”, BUT I’m willing to overlook it because the ep did carry some heavy emotional impact; it was a very touching change up in a series that has been mostly void of that kind of character interaction. I’m not really concerned about this being nothing more than a fanservice ep, either. I have a feeling Okabe will remember this moment, and it’ll help spur him to not be the passive, hollow shell of himself that he previously was in his current timeline.

    Also, I might have just missed something along the way, but is it really THAT easy to to track which timeline you came from, and which one you’re in currently when you hop around like that?

    Liked by 1 person

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