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Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 8 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 8

What’s the show? Tokyo Ghoul:re, Episode 8.

After the respite that was last week’s episode are we back into action this week? Nope, still pretty chilled.

Oh? Well okay, not exactly, it’s more a case of setting up the story to come and set it up they do! I get a feeling that whoever’s scripting this series really likes The Gourmet (or whatever he’s called now). Because they’re sure as heck laying a lot of groundwork for whatever kind of ~confrontation~ is about to come. And kudos where it’s due, it is very intriguing groundwork—even if this episode has more than a few unintentionally (presumably) comedic moments.

Like what? Well there’s this old guy who works for The Gourmet, who upon hearing of his employers worsening condition yells out a window in a ridiculously over the top fashion, then apologises for doing so. I literally laughed out loud. Similarly, another of The Gourmet’s underlings bashes his head against a tree in the woods and I couldn’t help but snicker… probably not the intended reaction.

Me too, from laughing.

Fair enough, so is this episode entirely about the Gourmet story? Oh my no. As ever with this show we’ve got to check in with a bunch of characters and their various subplots. Ginshi is having nightmares about killing The Nutcracker, which I love this idea! It really humanises not only Ginshi but also the villain, which to do posthumously only adds to his anxieties.

If Saiko’s in a scene just look at her face to experience joy.

Anything else? Well we get introduced to even more characters, three more in the CCG and I’m not even sure how many in The Gourmet’s estate. I know I’m probably repeating myself here but I’ve kind of stopped trying to figure out who all these people are and their relationships to each other.

Sniff sniff.

Do you ever feel like you’re opinion of the show is unfairly skewed because you are so clueless as to what’s going on? Harsh but fair. Maybe that’s the case but if anything I’ve been unfailingly positive to this show because even though I am lost a lot of the time when I watch this show I still enjoy it a whole lot. The characters are just so enjoyable to watch and the world is still interesting if crazily busy. If anything I think my opinion is perhaps more relatable to people who are just casual viewers of this series and who haven’t read the manga at all.

Fair enough. Also Saiko is so adorable in this episode. Get all that bread, girl!

Best girl.

I didn’t ask but thanks for adding that. So, how would you say your opinion of the show has changed since say the third or fourth episode? Oh, that’s a different question… I guess since I’ve read more than a fair share of reviews from other anime bloggers who are either well versed with the manga or significantly more impatient one thing has become obvious. The manga is better and this anime is skipping a lot of arguably important details. I still enjoy watching this show every week and I doubt that’s going to change much but I do admit the cracks are starting to form. It’s the high quality of the source material and the attachment to various elements of the show that stop it from being an unwatchable mess even though any other show that was this hastily developed would be just that.

Contender for best girl? I don’t know but she’s pretty damn cool!

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