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10 Favourite Manga Cover Art (Series) – Listing Compulsive

A Listing Compulsive post about my 10 Favourite Manga Cover Art (series).

They say never to judge a book by its covers but these Manga covers are among my favourite of all time. Please note, for this list it’s only the art itself that is being judged, not the contents of the story, in-fact for some of these manga I’ve never even read. Also it is important to mention that what denotes art can vary wildly from person-to-person so keep this in mind if you’re wanting to disagree with my picks. With that out of the way here is my 10 Favourite Manga Cover Art from a series.

~Number 10~
One Punch Man

The stylised, comic-book style covers are pretty damn cool, very pulpy and kinetic looking. Plus there’s the fun little details that you might miss at first glance, like Saitama holding his bag of groceries, or all the background details on the right-side one.

~Number 9~
Land of the Lustrous

There’s a really cool and stylish quality to these covers that I can’t quite put my finger on. They’re not the most detailed of covers but they’re still eye-catching and well composed.

~Number 8~
Shomin Sample: I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner

Sometimes you just want to look at some panties…

But seriously I love how immediately eye-catching this series’ artwork is—at least for the first 6 volumes—which follow this similar style. Also of note, the English versions of the manga almost completely ruin these covers through their placement of the titles… maybe I should do a seperate list of English manga covers that are worse than the Japanese.

~Number 7~

The light-hearted and adorable covers convey such endearing warmth while also being genuinely nice art.

~Number 6~
The Girl From The Other Side: Siúil A Rún

Sometimes manga artwork can be so evocative that it makes you want to buy it even if it’s a series that you’ve got zero interest in otherwise. That’s what happened with this series, I bought the first book (still haven’t read it though) but I still enjoy having it in my collection if only because of the art-style.

~Number 5~

The traditional style of this artwork is very appealing and eye-catching, even if it’s not something I normally go for.

~Number 4~

It’s a small thing but I love that the vertical text changes font and colour each volume and is relevant to the characters featured on the covers. Also I appreciate art-style that adhere closely to the art contained within, these aren’t overly stylised, they’re just fun and quirky.

~Number 3~

I love the consistent colour-scheme across these covers, it’s utterly beautiful.

~Number 2~

Who would have thought a manga about this “sport” would have such beautiful cover art. Makes me wish these were available in English so I could have copies of these on my bookshelf.

~Number 1~
Yokai Girls

This is more of a personal pick than any of the other choices, while the character art is good—if nothing remarkable—I absolutely adore the use of real life Akihabara locations in the backgrounds, it makes me wistfully nostalgic for that otaku paradise every time I see these covers! I can appreciate that most people will disagree with this pick but the covers for Yokai Girls are my favourite manga covers.

So that was fun! I love sharing my favourite manga covers and I’d love to know which manga cover’s you’re all particularly fond of!

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14 comments on “10 Favourite Manga Cover Art (Series) – Listing Compulsive

  1. xxxHolic is gorgeous to look at. While I haven’t read the manga, I love the art from it that has been shared online.
    Great list and thanks for sharing.

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  2. It’s fun to see what people can do with cover art: for instance, when you open up a Black Butler volume, you’ll see the same art but with the character in an occupational outfit, for Arata Kangatari you can connect the bar on each front cover to make an extended image etc. Spotting characters on cover art (Cinnabar, Saitama etc.) is just part of that, although it’s a lot harder to spot than some other things and it’s easy to wreck if characters are hidden on the inside flap of the cover’s Japanese volume.

    My favourite cover art for series I’ve read would have to be the One Punch Man and Noragami ones. For ones I haven’t read, To Your Eternity and Ancient Magus’ Bride are pretty…but maybe that just shows my favouring of extreme detail for these sorts of things…

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  3. What a great idea for a list! The girl from the Other Side covers are just beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I’ve got a whole lot of ideas for lists, I just end up spending way much time trying to make the lists definitive by looking at so many different examples of things the lists are about.

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  4. Oh what a nice list! Maybe I should steal this idea. 🤔 I totally fall for the art very often when I buy manga and a nice cover have been the reason many times.

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  5. Great list. Girl from another side is super creepy, I love it!

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  6. Oo all so pretty. Off the top of my head I love the early and fairy covers, kitchen princes quite cute and escaflowne.

    Liked by 1 person

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