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Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast For Spirits- Episode 5 & 6 – Anime QandA Review

What’s the show? Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast For Spirits- Episode 5 & 6.

did notice you forewent reviewing it last week? Did the sheer amount of handsome ayakashi boys finally break you? Pfft, hardly, I’ll give this show some credit is that there seems to be plenty of good looking boys and girls in this show, which certainly eases the burden of watching this show, same can’t be said for Butlers X Battlers, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Right then, so why did you not review the show last week? Because the episode was kind of inconsequential to the overarching plot. Honestly, the episode only existed to give Aoi a reason to return to the apparent realm and collect the cute little Kappa named Chibi and bring him back to the hidden realm, because apparently Aoi needed a comedic sidekick.

He’s basically a Pokemon.

I know you’re exaggerating, but what really happened? I don’t know, some stuff about siblings fighting and Aoi helping them reconnect, yes there were some decent flashback scenes showing Shiro (Aoi’s grandfather) taking care of the two spider Ayakashi but it wasn’t exactly the most ~interesting~ episode so far, also the “action” scene toward the end of the episode was atrocious. But then again that’s nothing new for this show, it does quiet and contemplative well enough, food just fine, character interactions with some degree of competency but almost everything else is just awkward.

And I assume you have more to talk about with Episode 6? Ehh~ it was better than Episode 5, Aoi’s harem is expanding with the introduction of the very young looking Kamaitachi, a security guard of Tenjin-ya. But it’s okay if he looks young because he’s actually like 80+ years old. *winky face*

Look at this good boy!

Right… To be fair, I did like his recollections about Shiro, about how they got up to mischief up to and including peeping on girl’s in the bathhouse, if only because Aoi’s reaction to this “revelation” was priceless!

And the ‘plot’ of the episode? Well, Aoi opens her eatery to the public, it does a roaring success on the first day as it’s booked out for private function, but “one week later” and things are dire as there’s not been another single customer (because the plot says so). And so she and cute fox boy are summoned to a meeting with the chief accountant Byakuya, who—you guessed it—is also a good looking dude.

This didn’t happen in the episode, but this is Byakuya. I just couldn’t be bothered loading up the episode again to get a screencap. But see! Good-looking dude! Aoi’s spoilt for choice!

“Harem expands”? I don’t know, it was literally the ending scene of the episode, but probably!

Anything you missed? Oh, some random assassin tries to kill Aoi.

Um, kind of a big deal! How come you didn’t mention it earlier?! Because it’s totally not a big deal, at least the show doesn’t seem to think so, it was just used as an excuse to have a ‘meet-cute’ between Aoi and the aforementioned security/cute boy Kamaitachi.

I mean, yeah cucumbers have many uses…

Uh-huh… so why are you still watching this show, it doesn’t seem like your kind of show and I’m sure what you’re getting out of it at this point. True, this is the show I look forward to the least out of my Spring 2018 anime weekly shows but I do like Aoi as a protagonist and moreso with each subsequent episode and honestly as much as I ~sass~ this show it’s still mildly entertaining. I just hope we get a bit more drama that lasts longer than a single episode.

Extra extra!

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  1. I find that I have a soft spot for a lot of “humans interacting with youkai” shows (although the #1 in that vein, Natsume Yuujinchou, is one I’ve only watched one series of, because too many episodes that do the same thing). I really like that the show’s gotten away from the “unwilling fiance” tension, because that was really an uncomfortable part of the show, and it’s much better when it’s doing other things. I do wonder about the finances of Aoi’s eatery, but maybe we’ll get into more of that with the accountant guy (likely answer: No, we probably won’t).

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