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Steins;Gate 0 Episode 4 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Steins;Gate 0, Episode 4.

What’s the show? Steins;Gate 0, Episode 4.

Last week you made the bold claim that this was a future classic in the making? Still prepared to back up that sentiment? Of course, things keep going from strength-to-strength with this show, or rather things are just as excellent as they were last week.

So what happened in this episode? Poor Okabe, just when he thought he was out—they pull him back in! The “they” of that statement is still up for debate, or whether his terrifying visions of a war-torn future are just dreams conjured up by his continued encounters with AI Kurisu and the effect they are having on his brain or something more insidious and dangerous!

Who, me?

Like what? Well a new girl has been added to Okabe’s already brimming non-sexual harem, except this one’s a future girl like Suzuha, or rather she came back in time with Suzuha and promptly got lost in 1998. Much of the episode is spent trying to find Kagari Shiina who has been missing for 12 years. Also, she looks almost exactly like Kurisu, well her young self did quite a bit, no doubt present day Kagari will be the spitting image of Kurisu. A development which is bound to tear up our already broken mad scientist into a hundred more little pieces before having said pieces thrown to the wind!

I mean maybe a lot of kids in the future look like Kurisu, I’m sure it’s totally just a coincidence!

Wait, what does this ‘new girl’ have to do with the protagonist’s “visions” of the war-torn future? Well~ I’m just guessing here but having another future girl, one who’s explicitly connected to Mayuri (she’s her adopted future daughter) and the fact she looks eerily like Kurisu is probably important to Okabe’s ‘Reading Steiner’ suddenly triggering again. I’m just saying, it’s more than likely all connected. *entwines fingers*

Ruka’s eyes are always quietly screaming “notice me sempai”, it makes me sad…

Uh-huh… anything else? Yeah Moeka’s back and this can only mean bad things for everyone… probably.

Who? She was the frequent harbinger of ~bad things~ in the original Steins;Gate series, she killed Mayuri on more than a few occasions and worked for a SERN mercenary group. I don’t like her very much but it’s no doubt going to add to the drama, or at the very least Okabe’s worry lines.

Here comes trouble.

So everything’s still on track, still happy with how the series is progressing? If I had one minor gripe with this episode is that was paced differently to the others, it felt messier—deliberately so, mind you—but still something that I noticed and which put me at ill ease. Again maybe it was intentional to try and put the viewer’s in Okabe’s frazzled and fractured mindset, in which case mission accomplished! Other than that I’m still unbelievably keen to see where this series goes!

“Where did I leave my keys?!”

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4 comments on “Steins;Gate 0 Episode 4 – Anime QandA Review

  1. I do believe the jagged pacing is very deliberate – the show is openly messing with the audience and it’s glorious!

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