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Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 5.

What’s the show? Tokyo Ghoul, Episode 5.

Does the action-packed bloodbath from the previous episode continue? Very much so, it’s almost an entire episode of brutal violence and Kagune clashing, I lost count of the amount of different characters we see clashing in seperate fights all over this episode. At one point of another I’d say 90% of the cast of this show gets involved in a fight, and that includes supporting characters and new characters too.

He’s so cute!

New characters? Well I say “new”, what I really mean is characters who were either introduced in the in-between season I didn’t watch or in the manga that didn’t get adapted or perhaps even characters that I’ve just forgotten existed…

Some reviewer you are… Hey, I’m just giving an accurate representation of my experience. Besides just because I’m having trouble who characters and what their relationships to each other, doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it… for the most part.


Oh? I mean there are just so many characters it is kinda ridiculous to keep track of everything. But I really do love the absolutely crazy one-eyed ghoul Takizawa, who was introduced last episode, his brand of insanity is so genuinely creepy but also kinda hilarious that he commands all the attention while he’s on-screen. He’s joyously mad and I hope we get a lot more of him. Also Nutcracker, I appreciate her whole aesthetic, as one CCG agent says while trying to take her down, “damn you and your sexy body!”

Thanks for the compliment?

Right, but doesn’t she crush men’s testicles? Yeah, but look at her! It’s almost worth it.

*sigh* So how’s the episode compare to everything else so far? It’s probably my favourite episode of the season so far, even if it was light on actual plot and character development it was full of really good action and character moments. Plus, the problems I had with last week’s episode and that some of the action didn’t seem as kinetic or impactful is mostly resolved here, the violence felt appropriately brutal and visceral. I’m looking forward to the confrontation that the final moments set up between Haisie and Takizawa, as well as learning about Urie’s fate at the hands—and mouth—of Big Madam. Regardless of the fact that I feel pretty confused during these episodes I’m still really enjoying the overall experience! Heck, it might even get me reading the manga one day!

He might as well have said “what could possibly go wrong?” I’m not confident about his chances of surviving!

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